You may have noticed how much I love a hat – and how much I love a challenge! I’m challenging myself to take a daily hat selfie every single day in September for HATTEMBER. wearing my Embellish Atelier bespoke Big Four Oh My Gods birthday party hat What exactly is HATTEMBER, you ask?read more »

Spring Fling Style Challenge | shop my style

This is going to be so much fun! Spring Fling Style Challenge – I can’t wait! I’m also super duper excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with some of my favourite brands for Spring Fling Style Challenge.  Each day’s prompt is brought to you with love from me andread more »

Spring Fling Style Challenge | tips and tricks

k I cannot wait until Tuesday 1 September!  It’s the first day of Spring, Style it Project for September commences, and did I mention my fabulous Spring Fling Style Challenge? A week of style prompts to share on Instagram and Facebook.  I love how sharing your style inspires others.read more »

Style it Project September

Can you believe that it is nearly springtime? The first day of spring will not only herald the first day of my Spring Fling Style Challenge, but the new Style it Project too! Not sure what Style it Project is all about? Check it out here! So excited to have teamed up with the fabulous Bohemianread more »

Gluten free meals with Kambrook rice cooker

brought to you by Kambrook and Kids Business I’ve been eating gluten free, as much as possible, for nearly a year.  I’ve found it a relatively easy process, and I’ve tracked down gluten free alternatives for my staples, plus I’m eating more rice. Just one problem.  Iread more »

Spring Fling Style Challenge

I adore winter, I really do.  Hello Winter Luxe!  But it is time to cast off our luxe layers and don the prettiness and light layers that sums up Spring style. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Spring Fling!  It was so much fun last year – did you play along? I’veread more »

Currently Crushing On | spring denim

I absolutely and utterly love winter.  I love the luxe layers and snuggly textures. I love winter so much that I created the Winter Luxe Style Challenge But I’m so looking forward to the onset of spring.  Not just because I’ve been sick with some sort of cold, flu, sinus crap since May.read more »

Smartphone Life Hacks

Love your smartphone? Me too! I also love tips, tricks and life hacks.  Check out a couple of smartphone life hacks to make your life easier! Smartphone Life Hacks | magnetic I love my Logitech Case+ phone accessories, which need a metallic case to work with magnetic accessories.  I believe prettyread more »

Weekend Style | cobalt maxi skirt

Oh, the gorgeousness of an early sneak peek into Spring!  The weekend’s weather was too gorgeous.  Sunshine, warmth, blue skies, the slightest breeze … My weekend style of jeans and layered knits got quickly discarded in favour of a gorgeous Country Road cobalt maxi skirt and Boomread more »

Let’s talk about poo

You might be thinking that this is a bit of a crap topic but let’s talk about poo. A bit of background first.  I’m on a big health kick at the moment.  It’s not a diet (that is just die with an extra T for terrible).  It’s a lifestyle change. After my recentread more »

Why I love Instagram quotes

I’m not really one for motivational quotes.  Nor am I into self help books.  Don’t tell anyone, but unless they throw in the odd dick joke, I don’t actually really find motivational speakers very entertaining either. But I love the shit out of an Instagram quote.  I love them soread more »

Beauty Life Hacks for nails

Do you love prettily painted nails but loathe the messy clean ups? Unless you’re ambidextrous, almost everyone has issues with painting their other hand. Painting your nails yourself sometimes looks more like finger painting – by an enthusiastic toddler. These beauty life hacks willread more »

The quirky details

I do love me some quirky details when it comes to my outfits.  I’m sharing little style snippets – the quirky details. If you’ve seen any of my everyday style shots on Instagram, you will be sick of the sight of these boots.  I simply adore them!  My back is so ridiculously soreread more »

Lovebomb Theory | dealing with chronic illness

I’m talking about dealing with chronic illness today – and my Lovebomb Theory. Firstly, I’m dealing with my health issues.  I’m not comfortable with being a sufferer – I’m a fighter.  I was recently introduced to the term “Endo Warrior”.  Not lettingread more »

Celebrating the Festival of Kimba #42

I just love celebrating birthdays! There’s yummy food (hello birthday cake!), catching up with friends, breakfast in bed, presents, and cake.  Did I mention cake? I love celebrating my own birthday just as much as I love helping others’ celebrate theirs.  OK, maybe a little bitread more »

Nutella and peanut butter life hacks

Are you a fan of Nutella? Prefer peanut butter? Or perhaps you like both? I’m sharing some tips, tricks and life hacks this week.  All about Nutella and peanut butter life hacks that will change your life. Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | Nutella Ice Cream Just whiz up some frozen bananas and aread more »

How to dress with a bloated tummy

This post is totes all about me, my current health isshews, and how it relates to my style.  It’s all about how to dress with a bloated tummy. First, a little insight into how some of my blog posts are created.  I post my images to my Tumblr when I’m sharing from Instagram.  I use itread more »

How to disguise eyebags

I’m turning 42 years old this week.  And I have eyebags.  I have crows feet.  I have pigmentation.  I have wrinkles.  Goddamn it, I even have pimples. I’m not actually all that worried about it.  I’ve faced down worst before and I’ll face down worst again.read more »

Latest Style and Beauty Favourites

Want a sneak peek into some of my latest style and beauty favourites? I do hope the answer is yes, because here they are!  Fabulously modelled by yours truly.  Well, as worn by me anyway. Hound + The Hare topknots NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Descanso I totes adore a hairbow.  Wire twistread more »

Business Mamas | online study tips

I’m super duper excited to be working with Business Mamas as part of their blog ambassador team. Last month, I shared the story of this amazing experience, the business that I’ll be launching, and my first steps. Now, I want to give you a little sneak peek into the course workread more »

Makeup Tips for Loose Powder

More tips, tricks and life hacks? OK, then.  Let’s go!  All about makeup tips for loose powder this week, and in order, if you please! I didn’t wear powder makeup for years, as I was worried about making my skin look older.  Doh!  As I’ve aged, makeup technology has improved, andread more »

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