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Sarah from For the Style Seeking Girl is today’s Guest Post Guest Star whilst I’m on holiday.  She’s talking about six wardrobe essentials every woman should own and wear.   Over to you, Sarah!

The pieces every woman should own and keep in her wardrobe

There are many lists that state items every woman should own.  I think each woman is best to have her own based on her style and fashion loves. But there are six items worth investing in. The trick is to get these pieces in classic cuts and neutral colours. Look after them well and they will last for years.



A good pair of jeans

Everyone should own a pair of denim jeans, perfect for a causal look, warm in winter with a pair of boots over the top and easy to dress up with heels, a lovely shirt and some accessories. For investment jeans I would stay away from bright colours as they fade easily and you may get tired of them quicker {save these for your trends or seasonal purchases}, also look for jeans that are made well – sometimes they will be expensive but if they are made well they will last for years! Aim for a neutral cut – not super tight or baggy so that you can pair them with a lot of clothes and wear them no matter what the trend.


A leather jacket

A trenchcoat, the blazer and the leather jacket – sounds like the beginning of a bad joke but these jackets are all pieces that are essential to a stylish wardrobe. My favourite would have to be the leather jacket, adds instant edge. You can wear it in any season, on casual days or nights out. Pair it with jeans and a plaid shirt for a grunge look, or a flowing blouse for breakfast dates or an embellished shift dress for dinner and drinks. They are practical and will keep you warm or protect from rain. When looking for one to buy consider the design and how you will wear it, do you want to be able to roll the sleeves, will it fit multiple layers underneath? Make sure it’s the right size and not restrictive. Consider aesthetic details too such as a hood, zips or buttons, studs or pockets. I have a vintage styled pleather jacket which is so soft it looks and feels like real leather and I got it at a fantastic price! I wear mine with everything and anything.


A pair of statement heels

A pair of heels that will be your go-to heels when you don’t know what to wear with an outfit. They need to be comfortable and be able to be worn either dressed down or dressed up. You don’t have to go for neutrals, they can be patterned, embellished or brightly coloured. These shoes should just add instant impact to an outfit and pick up your mood. If you get comments and compliments on them – you are golden!

I have a suede nude open-toed pair with thin leather strips across the front that can be paired with nearly everything in my wardrobe. I also have a red pair of heels with gold studs down the heel and at the base of the toes. They are fabulous and make a statement as soon as I walk in the room.



A statement accessory

Doesn’t just have to be one, gather a collection so that you always have an option. I think a statement accessory should be large and stand out. Costume jewellery is the best for this one {unless you can get a loan of Liz Taylor’s jewels or Holly Golightly’s pearls} it is affordable, there is a large variety and if you look after it, it will last for a long time. There are many places that custom make designs so you can have something original. With one of these accessories you can transform an outfit and take it from comfortable, casual to evening glamour. These pieces can be elegant, feminine, gothic, edgy, vintage inspired, colourful, monochrome, ornate or heavily embellished.



The little black dress

This is an ABSOLUTE must-have! Not every black dress you buy will be your ‘little black dress’, as it should not obviously follow a specific trend. The little black dress {LBD} is an iconic item that should be simple, affordable, versatile and long lasting. The idea of this dress is that it should be easily able to be worn to casual occasions or dressed up for events. The perfect LBD should be able to be worn to a casual dinner, birthday party, funeral, wedding or event and look like a different outfit merely by tweaking accessories, shoes, hair and makeup. I always think of a LBD as the perfect backdrop on which you design an amazing look that will look classic and elegant. I can guarantee that this is an item you will pull out to wear over and over again, as Wallis Simpson Duchess of Windsor once said “When a little black dress is right – there is nothing else to wear in its place”



Leopard Print

For any fashion loving woman some leopard print is an obvious addition to her wardrobe. For some, they see all the gaudy leopard print items that look over the top and are multi-coloured, and shudder. Forget these. Look for the iconic leopard print and find yourself a piece that you will be able to put together with one of your favourite outfits. Start small and purchase a leopard print scarf to wrap around your neck or use as a head scarf. Leopard print looks amazing in combination with black, red and denim {instant rock chic glam}. I think once you start you will become hooked and incorporate more items into your wardrobe. Leopard print is a classic print that has been trendy for decades, it will fill you with confidence and add some sass to your look. Be bold and try different shades of leopard {that aren’t fluorescent}, such as white, pink or dark brown. Don’t forget texture – think suede leopard print shoes.


Happy Styling, I hope you have enjoyed this post – and I wonder how many of you already have these items? On my own blog I will be creating a list of the top 20 items that I think should be in every woman’s wardrobe. What would be on yours? What is in your top 6?

Thank you to Kimba Likes for the guest blogging opportunity. Sarah {For the Style Seeking Girl}


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