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I know, I know, it was my Big Four Oh My Gods birthday weeks ago, but it was such an extravaganza that I’ve still got gorgeousness to share!



The Welshman booked Cafe Sydney’s Private Dining Room when I was 37.  For my 40th birthday.  It was a delightful thought but perhaps I wasn’t as receptive to the idea of planning my Big Four Oh My Gods birthday when I was 37 as I could have been!

This party was the Welshman’s vision and he was the consummate host.  He designed the menu, the wine list, helped with the guest list and came up with the fantastic idea of surprising my party guests with a dramatic hair colour change!

Yes, it was the Welshman’s idea that I should go platinum blonde for my Big Four Oh My Gods.  I decided that I couldn’t live without my curls, which the blonding process would have destroyed, plus I had the perfect opportunity to surprise him as well.  Et voila, I’m now a copper redhead!



Click here for the details on What I Wore –  you just knew there was going to be a What I Wore post, right?

I spent months sourcing vintage demitasse teacups and saucers, and vintage pewter tankards, to use as place cards.  I spent some time on Pinterest one rainy day, looking for party ideas.  I came across a bouquet of lollipops with the label 40 Sucks.  Cute idea, but I just kept thinking how negative it was.  Another image had a jar of balloons labelled 40 Blows.  I decided to switch it around a little.  Each place card cup contained a lollipop, balloon and a polished jade stone – representing New Zealand.  The reverse of the name tags said “40 doesn’t suck or blow.  40 ROCKS!”.  See what I did there?  Let’s celebrate milestone birthdays (in fact, ALL birthdays are deserving of celebration!) with a positive attitude!



There were many, many  highlights of my evening – like hanging out with my Gorgeous Girls, and the sweet speech by my beloved Welshman – but one of the most special moments was when Gorgeous Girl L read a poem she had composed with the assistance of Gorgeous Girl M.


Sassy girl with your killer-watt smile

Wearer of frivolous glamorous style

Beauty junkie with your lippie and lashes

Cheeky playful buxom glimpses and flashes

Nineties music dancer

Darling Street prancer

Cup of Lady Grey tea

Taker of daily selfie

Collector of handbags, scarves, accessories and shoes

You would have made a great Warhol muse

Enduring passion with the Welshman

Loving Mama to Boyo and bunnies

Rockin’ your 80s Rayban sunnies

Your Smile

Your Laugh

Your jangle of jewellery

Your caring and sharing

Friday Frivolity marks your forty years young

Kimba Likes

Kimba we love


Isn’t it just gorgeous!  Oh, can you imagine how spoilt I felt having my very own poem?  I may have cried.


Poet and she knows it


The final word goes to the Birthday Girl and is, of course, thank you!




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