Big Four Oh My Gods Festival of Kimba Extravaganza


The Big Four Oh My Gods Festival of Kimba Extravaganza has kicked off with a long weekend trip to the Mt Selwyn Snowfields, and an overnight city break in Canberra.

Next up, my mother arrives for a week’s visit.  Note to self – sort out spare room so she has somewhere to sleep in comfort.

Dinner at Public Dining Room with some gorgeous BFFs, one of whom is also celebrating his Big Four Oh My Gods in August, takes place on Thursday.  We’re also farewelling them back to Ol’ Blighty, until their eventual return once they’ve got the kids through school and set up, and hopefully brainwashed to emigrate to Australia!

Conveniently scheduled for this event is a haircut.  Well played, Kimba.  Well played.

Friday 9 August is my actual birthday – the Welshman has the day off and is taking over the school run as well as organising a birthday feast of some magnificence, bless him.  I see shopping with my mother in my future.  Helllllooooo, Birkenhead Point!

Saturday is my gorgeous dinner party at Cafe Sydney’s private dining room with some of the Gorgeous Girls and their Handsome Husbands.  There will be glam.  And Champagne.  And, terribly conveniently, another hair appointment.  Who knew?

The next major event in the Big Four Oh My Gods Festival of Kimba Extravaganza is a trip to LA, featuring Huntington Beach, Disneyland, Palm Springs and San Diego where we will visit Seaworld and San Diego Zoo.  There will be Minnie Mouse ears and Sephora in my future.  Oh, and a little birthday trip to Tiffany & Co.  As you do.

I’m not remotely worried about turning the Big Four Oh My Gods.  I’m told it often heralds a new confidence and awareness.  Dear gods.  I only hope the world is ready!


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