Boyo and the Bali Spa Lifestyle

The Welshman, Boyo and I were lucky enough to spend 10 days in Nusa Dua, Bali.  We were all in desperate need of a bit of sun, relaxation and family time. Boyo took to the relaxation part like a duck to water … or like essential oil to a massage.

The Welshman, who is partial to a good massage, was the first one to sample the delights of the day spa at Westin Nusa Dua.  He enjoyed an hour long Westin Signature massage, encompassing various massage techniques, with a selection of massage oil blends. Boyo decided that this was a good idea and was beyond thrilled when we discovered that the spa offered kids massages.

Boyo Spa Bali

We started him off with a 30 minute massage, just to make sure he was OK with the concept.  He had a shower and dressed himself in his Westin robe and slippers, and had great fun being fussed over by the spa ladies.  He took his time sniffing the selection of three scented moisturisers and plumped for the strawberry one. We enjoyed a cool drink and scented towel whilst waiting for his massage, I signed various disclaimers (eek!) and off he went for his massage.

I enjoyed 30 minutes of relaxation myself – uninterrupted iPad action in the spa lounge! Boyo drifted out after half an hour on a blissful cloud of strawberry scented relaxation.  He was delighted to be presented with two delicious chocolates and I was delighted to drink his yummy ginger tea.  Bless them, they even brought me my own chocolates and ginger tea – which I had to share.  He wasn’t that relaxed that he was willing to let a chocolate slip past him!

So delighted was he with the spa lifestyle, that he immediately wanted to book in for a 45 minute massage the following day!  After a quick chat with his Dad, he decided that two 30 minute massages were preferable – twice as many chocolates, obviously!

Bali Boyo

I am one of those strange people who don’t really enjoy massage.  I often feel a bit nauseous and sleepy.  However, I couldn’t let Boyo and the Welshman have all the fun, so I booked myself in for the Signature massage also.  I was pleasantly relaxed afterwards – the ginger tea definitely added to the experience.  My masseuse had very strong hands, which she used to excellent effect.

Unfortunately, she also had a bit of a deep breathing issue, which did not have quite the same effect! However, despite having very ticklish feet, I absolutely adore having feet treatments!

One of my very favourite things about visiting Asia is the abundance of fish spas, where little “Dr Fish” or “tiny piranhas” as I like to call them, nibble all the manky dead skin off your tootsies.  It freaks many people out, but I adore it!

Even Boyo

Even Boyo’s puppy got into the spa lifestyle!

Are you a devotee of the spa lifestyle?  Have you braved the fish spa?  Isn’t ginger & lemongrass tea the best?

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