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I have to admit that I have been struggling a little bit lately.  I had been feeling a little overwhelmed and I wasn’t quite sure why.

I employed my usual trick – taking some time to sit down with a pot of tea and my notebook.  The notebook is a prop – I generally just doodle! It is the act of sitting down and actually taking some thinking time that does the trick.
Kimba Likes Business Mamas - how to give yourself a motivation kickstart for online study - and life!

I worked out that I what I needed was a motivation kickstart.

I’ve had a few months putting my study goals on the back burner, whilst I shifted my focus to other areas of my life.

  • I had to focus on recovering from my hysterectomy.  I was prepared for it to affect me physically, but was surprised at how it affected both my emotions and my concentration.
  • Rebuilding my strength and stamina after 10 years of chronic illness.
  • Family time over the school holidays.  As a mama, school holidays aren’t necessarily relaxing. I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about! It’s striking a balance between R&R and not letting your child turn into a sloth for six weeks.
  • Managing the transition to high school.  Boyo’s new routine has him leaving for the bus 15 minutes before he used to have his morning shower.  Plus did I mention homework?

I’ve passed my three month post-operative checkup with flying colours, and my physio-set exercises are now an automatic part of my daily routine. Boyo has sorted himself out beautifully and is just loving high school.  So it’s time to get back to real life, which includes my Business Diploma study with Business Mamas.

Having my laptop’s hard drive die and losing hours and hours worth of work wasn’t really great for my motivation kickstart either!

Kimba Likes Business Mamas - how to give yourself a motivation kickstart for online study - and life!

I re-read my posts about Online Study Tips, how to stay motivated (once I’ve given myself a good motivation kickstart!) and to reiterate to myself why I’m undertaking this challenge, my post on how I’m designing my life with Business Mamas

After my R&R of the school holidays, I need to focus on the three Rs of how to give myself a motivation kickstart.

That’s Relax, Recharge and Refocus.

  • Relax – stop beating myself up that I can’t immediately kick all my goals!
  • Recharge – spend time focusing on the positive and not the negative.
  • Refocus – by reminding myself of my end goal, and spend time organising achievable mini-goals along the way.  One bite at a time, not the whole cake!

Kimba Likes Business Mamas - how to give yourself a motivation kickstart for online study - and life!

Motivation Kickstart tips

  • Find your groove – it might be opera, 90s dance or thrash metal.  Whatever tunes work to get you in the study zone!
  • Focus on the circle of influence – what can’t be changed that impacts on your time and what can be modified
  • Inspiration – do you have a vision board? I have a Lady Boss Pinterest board to inspire me, as well as a beautiful Shine On print that helps me focus. Perhaps a good old fashioned pinboard does the trick for you.  Find something that enables you to dream and be inspired to get shiz done!
  • Play nice – talk nicely to yourself.  Don’t call yourself a dumb arse.  Focus on the opportunity to learn something new.  If it was easy, you’d already be doing it, right?
  • Chunk it up – break your goal down in more easily achievable mini goals.  Work out the date you need to achieve a big goal by and set achievable steps for each day or week to get you there.  Diarise these steps and make yourself accountable!
  • Get shiz done – no more procrastinating.  You might only have 20 minutes spare today but 20 minutes is better than nothing.  Make it count.
  • Mentor love – find yourself a mentor who is currently doing what you’re studying to achieve.  Approach them and ask if you could bounce a couple of questions off them now and then.  Your mentor might be a published author or a local business owner.
  • Reward yourself – devise a treat for every goal you kick. It might be a cup of tea and time to savour it, or a pair of new shoes.  You’ve got to work for it though!

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