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Fiji Holiday Style | Castaway Island and Radisson Blu

Kimba Likes Fiji Holiday Style | Castaway Island and Radisson Blu Denarau We had the most amazing holiday in Fiji recently.  We had five nights on the blissful Castaway Island and three nights at the buzzy Radisson Blu on Denarau. The drawback about heading off to islands is the transfer process. read more »

Kimba Likes Daily Treats | Project Kimba

Kimba Likes Daily Treats | Project Kimba Kimba Likes Daily Treats Way back in 2013, I kicked off a new project on Kimba Likes.  It was all about the Me Time Moment and about carving out a little moment every day just for you.  It was a cliché then and it’s a cliché now, but “as a busyread more »

amazing Grace Web Series | new season

amazing Grace web series Nearly two years ago, I spoke to you about the amazing project that is the amazing Grace web series for kids. The amazing Grace and her parents have been close family friends since Mother’s Group all those years ago.  Julie and Grace suffered a devastating loss whenread more »

Friday Faves | 2 March

Friday Faves | 2 March Friday Faves | Autumn Style File Just like that, it’s already March! Autumn Style File has commenced and I’m overwhelmed by all the beauteous and stylish babes who have shared their style.  Definitely makes my Friday Faves list! Friday Faves | Burgerhoodread more »

Kimba Likes Friday Faves | 16 February

Kimba Likes Friday Faves Sharing some things that caught my fancy over the week!  Welcome to Friday Faves. Friday Faves | Lush Valentines Day I was super lucky to receive some Lush products to play with.  The Valentines Day collection features limited edition versions of some Lush favourites.  Youread more »

three simple steps for mindful shopping

three simple steps for mindful shopping why I need mindful shopping I love clothes.  And shoes.  And bags.  And accessories.  Love them! But I’m overwhelmed by my wardrobe, rather than overwhelmed with love for it. I have a small walk in wardrobe, one rack in our bedroom, one tall boy, oneread more »

how to DIY embroidered patch jeans

how to DIY embroidered patch jeans I am obsessed with embroidered patches.  I mean, why wouldn’t I be? They are ridiculously adorable and retrocute too. I haven’t managed to find the perfect pair of embroidered patch jeans, so I decided to DIY. how to DIY embroidered patch jeans Youread more »

Kimba Likes Life Hacks | cleaning with baking soda for pets

Kimba Likes Life Hacks | cleaning with baking soda for pets Oh I love a good life hack!  It’s all about making life easier.  I’m sharing some baking soda tips that will save you money and save the earth too. Good old baking soda, aka bicarbonate soda, is a super duper useful productread more »

easy peasy Valentines Day dinner for non cooks

easy peasy three course Valentines Day dinner for non cooks The Welshman and I have just celebrated the 18th anniversary of our first kiss.  Yes, we are that soppy.  Cute isn’t it! With such a ridiculously hot weekend, all plans went out the window and we wound up barbecuing dinner andread more »

New Year Same Me

New year same me my New Year Resolution – this one’s easy! Yeah, yeah I know it’s February and a bit late for New Year Resolutions.  You know, the ones that are all about new year new you.  Green juices, dawn yoga, no sugar, meditation … for about two weeks until it allread more »

Kimba Likes | off on holiday

holiday game face! kimba likes holidays! I’m about to head off on holiday for a couple of weeks.  Off to the Land of the Long White Cloud.  A few days in Christchurch with my family, a couple of days in Akaroa on the Banks Peninsula (the knobbly bit on the east side of the South Island) forread more »

talking about life with autoimmune disease

life with autoimmune disease I’ve talked here before about my chronic illness and autoimmune disease.  Life with an invisible illness is difficult, so I’m going to take you behind the scenes and share my life with autoimmune disease; and my daily routine. You can read more about myread more »

autoimmune disease health update

autoimmune disease health update Recently I shared a selfie where I not only looked tired, grumpy and sore, I looked defeated.  Like I’d given up. It kinda did defeat me, looking at the selfies.  Is that how people see me? How do I see myself? Am I just kidding myself that I’mread more »

Kimba Likes Life Hacks | concealer pencil beauty hacks

Kimba Likes Life Hacks | concealer pencil beauty hacks Concealer Pencil Beauty Hacks I’m absolutely addicted to concealer.  I layer concealers to create a customised cosmetic solution for my individual skin needs.  Especially to disguise my eyebags. But concealer can do so much more thanread more »

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