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Netflix Life Hacks

Love your Netflix? Me too!  Here are a few Netflix Life Hacks that will make you love your Netflix even more! Netflix Life Hacks | international travel Don’t forget to pack your Netflix device when you travel.  Hook up to local wifi or buy a local SIM, and you’ll have something toread more »

Beach Life Hacks

All this gorgeous warm weather has got me thinking of the beach!  I’m sharing three easy peasy lemon squeezy life hacks for the beach.  I’d love the beach a whole lot more if there was a lot less sand! Beach Life Hacks | comfy sand seat Dig a hole in the sand, cover in a towel or beachread more »

Healthy Snack Life Hacks

I’m really finding life so much better now that I’ve changed my diet, and am gluten free, dairy free, caffeine free and as refined sugar-free as possible.  I’m only human after all! I’m sharing three easy peasy lemon squeezy healthy snack life hacks. Healthy Snack Liferead more »

Life Hacks | travel packing tips

It’s coming up to the school holidays, so it’s a great time to share a few travel packing tips, tricks and life hacks. Travel Packing Tips | cotton wool Is there anything worse than opening up your carefully packed powder compacts to discover they’ve smashed en route?  It’sread more »

Smartphone Life Hacks

Love your smartphone? Me too! I also love tips, tricks and life hacks.  Check out a couple of smartphone life hacks to make your life easier! Smartphone Life Hacks | magnetic I love my Logitech Case+ phone accessories, which need a metallic case to work with magnetic accessories.  I believe prettyread more »

Beauty Life Hacks for nails

Do you love prettily painted nails but loathe the messy clean ups? Unless you’re ambidextrous, almost everyone has issues with painting their other hand. Painting your nails yourself sometimes looks more like finger painting – by an enthusiastic toddler. These beauty life hacks willread more »

Nutella and peanut butter life hacks

Are you a fan of Nutella? Prefer peanut butter? Or perhaps you like both? I’m sharing some tips, tricks and life hacks this week.  All about Nutella and peanut butter life hacks that will change your life. Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | Nutella Ice Cream Just whiz up some frozen bananas and aread more »

Makeup Tips for Loose Powder

More tips, tricks and life hacks? OK, then.  Let’s go!  All about makeup tips for loose powder this week, and in order, if you please! I didn’t wear powder makeup for years, as I was worried about making my skin look older.  Doh!  As I’ve aged, makeup technology has improved, andread more »

Three Awesome Skincare Tips and Tricks

Yay! Time for more tips, tricks and life hacks.  All about skincare tips and tricks to make being beautiful a little easier. Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | nudie rudie Apply your skincare when you’re a nudie rudie.  Trust me on this one.  I’ve looked after my facial skin overread more »

Mascara Tips and Tricks

You may have noticed that I’m rather fond of tips, tricks and life hacks.  This week, I’m sharing three awesomesauce mascara tips and tricks.  So be prepared to flutter those luscious lashes like you never have before! You might like these mascara tips and tricks too! Thursday Tips,read more »

Life Hacks| style tips

Time for some easy peasy lemon squeezy style tips.  I’m rather fond of tips, tricks and life hacks. Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | smooth silhouette So you’ve got your suck ’em in knickers on, you’re looking smooth and trim, and then you pop a pair of tights more »

Thursday Tips

Time for another couple of Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks. Got peeps with stinky feet in your house? You’ll love this cheap as chips trick. Love a vintage frock but not quite so keen on some vintage fabrics? Got a great tip for you this week! Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacksread more »

Thursday Tips

I adore a good life hack.  Am very partial to a tried and tested tip.  I’m known to be quite fond of a time saving trick too. Hello, Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks!  This week, I’m bringing you a trick for insomnia, and a tip for washing machine.  Um, random! Thursday Tips,read more »

Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks

I’m a bit of a fan of tips, tricks and life hacks, so I’m sharing one every Thursday.  Keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook! Are you on Instagram?  Click here to follow me.  I’m @kimbalikes everywhere! Are we Facebook friends?  Come on over and say hi!  We have deeply shallowread more »

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