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It’s the Kimba Likes Tech Edition of Currently Crushing On. I can’t work or run my life without multiple devices but there’s no reason they can’t be pretty! My lust list of lovely things features some Really Useful tech accessories that also happen to be gorgeous. That’s just how I roll!

1. Olivia Tech Case from Forever New $69.99

Stylish AND practical, this chic iPad case from Forever New features a waterproof inbuilt Bluetooth silicone keyboard. It’s even especially designed for iPad use, and is powered by a lithium battery, which is easily rechargeable by using the included USB cable to plug into your computer or charger. How fabulous for glam girls on the run. Love it! Click here to check it out and make your iPad pretty and uber-useful.

2. Styling You iPhone case from The Dairy $35-40

Nikki from Styling You has created a fabulous Style Manifesto and a range of fabulous Styling You phone cases for Apple and Samsung in conjunction with The Dairy. Click here to choose your favourite Style Manifesto Mantra to carry with you on your phone (my tech BFF).

3. Jonathan Adler Stepped Diamonds Headphones from Shopbop $27

I absolutely loathe those horrid little earbud thingummies. They’re uncomfortable, are very annoying on public transport for your fellow commuters and I don’t know if I’ve just got teeny tiny ears, but I simply cannot get those little suckers to stick in my ears! Thank goodness for hipsters and the resurgence of old school headphones. They take up surprisingly little room in your bag, but offer an excellent and comfortable listening experience, plus make you look damned cute to boot! Click here to add some stylish padded ear cushion comfort to your life!

4. Create your own design Tech Cases from The Dairy $40-70

Fancy a beautifully coordinated personalised set of tech cases featuring your own photos or logos or text? Dude, have I got excellent news for you! Just click here to check out the requirements to make your own tech cases. I see Kimba Likes cases in my near future! Just because I can.

5. Ursula USB Cord from Forever New $12.99

Compatible with Lightning connector iDevices, this sweet pink and white USB charging cable is completely unnecessary but adds a lot of cute for not much loot. Click here to prettify your chargers.

6. Zulu Leather Mini Clutch by Anizoe from Fashionista Depot $22

I absolutely adore this leather mini clutch which is currently on sale for only $22. I am always checking my phone when I’m out and about and then leaving it behind. I suppose all the frantic retracing of my steps could keep me fit, but I could do without that extra stress in my life! The perfect solution is this leather and horsehair mini clutch. It fits my iPhone, tea money in the outer zippered pocket, lipbalm, tissues and a pen to add things to my constantly evolving Ta Da List mini Moleskine. It has a fab wrist strap so I’ve got easy access to the things I need on the run – and I haven’t lost my phone for ages! Reduced from $35, I say Run, Don’t Walk. Click here to save your sanity in style.

7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Neoprene Drew Blossom Laptop zip case $69

I don’t tend to take my laptop out of the house, but I still think such a workhorse deserves a pretty new frock. Isn’t this just adorable! Love the modern neon pop of colour on the gorgeously vintagesque floral fabric. I’m adding this to my LA Shop ’til I Drop wishlist. September is not that far away! Click here to check it out.



What’s your tech BFF? I can’t survive without my laptop or my iPad, but the one tech device I don’t leave the house without? My iPhone. She runs my life for me!


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