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A little change of direction for this week’s Currently Crushing On lust list of lovely things.  It’s all about cool stuff!

This week, I’m sharing some of the awesomely interesting things that have come across my desk recently. Brands and companies send me items they think my readers might be interested in.  Here’s some of the cool stuff I loved and thought you might too!

These products were all gifted and I’m under no obligation to post about them.  They all passed the Kimba Likes Keeping it Real test.  Simply put, that means I loved ’em and thought you might too!
Kimba Likes Frank Green SmartCup

Frank Green SmartCup

A super duper awesome reusable coffee cup which has completely taken over my latte love addiction.  Serious cool stuff!  I love to take it with me, because the push button lid means “spill resistant” actually means “chuck in my handbag with no spillage whatsoever”.  I love the reduce reuse recycle philosophy of reusable coffee cups – but let’s be frank.  They’re a pain in the posterior when you’re done with them and you’re out and about.

It’s become my go to cup at home too.  The SmartCup is insulated, which helps to keep my coffee nice and toasty when I get busy and forget to drink it. As a self-confessed klutz, the spill resistant push button lid comes in handy when I reach for my coffee as I’m busy on the laptop.

The SmartCup is tech smart too.  Frank Green CafePay app integrates with your smart phone or, wait for it, your actual coffee cup, enabling cashless coffee transactions.  Click here to read about Frank Green CafePay

Click to shop Frank Green SmartCup $34.95 in a rainbow of colour options

Kimba Likes Carmex Limited Edition Wild Pot

Carmex Lip Balm Wild Limited Edition Jar

I’m a fan of Carmex Lip Balm.  Love the famous Carmex tingle.  Love the retro cute heritage.  Most of all, I love that it works!  La la loving the latest limited edition Carmex lip balm, in a funky leopard print jar.  Leopard print is a neutral in my books, but this lip balm jar is designed to stand out!

Pick one up at your nearest pharmacy, supermarket, newsagent … wherever you can find Carmex.

Click to shop Carmex at Priceline
Kimba Likes Currently Crushing On Cool Stuff - Spud Sponge

Spud Sponge

Spud Sponge is one of the most intriguing beauty products I’ve come across recently.  A sponge made from a potato relative, the konjac, it is 100% natural and biodegradable.  We love that!

A funny looking beastie when dry, the Spud Sponge expands when water is applied into a squishy sponge of cleansing awesomeness.  I’ve used it with cleansing product and without, and love the results.  My skin feels clean and comfortable, and the Spud Sponge removes makeup without tugging or dragging on the skin.

Simply rinse without wringing and hang to dry by the attached string, before repeating at next use.

Spud Sponge comes in three varieties – Pure Spud for sensitive skin, Turmeric Spud for rejuvenating your skin, Bamboo Charcoal Spud for deep cleansing and breakout care.  $15 delivered for one Spud Sponge or $36 for three Spud Sponges.

I love mine, and they’re perfect for Boyo and his tweenage skin needs too.  Let’s face it, a beauty product is going to have be cool stuff in order to get a kid interested in it!

Click to shop Spud Sponge
Kimba Likes Soxy Beast, a cool new sock subscription service

Soxy Beast sock subscription service

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to receive a pair of socks as a gift.  Awesomely cool stuff!

I do love a subscription service – click to read my reviews of Her Fashion Box and Bellabox.

Soxy Beast can send you a pair of socks every month – designed by artists and designers, and supporting charities.  It costs you from $15 and you receive a bold and unique pair of socks, the story behind the design, and information on how the month’s charity partner benefits.

So you not only get to rock your socks, but feel good about it too.  We love that!  Something else to make you feel good is the knowledge that all of Soxy Beast’s design, production and packaging is done in Melbourne.

As Soxy Beast say “You may be cultured and refined, but you will never be tamed.  Stand apart from the herd. Unleash your inner beast.”

You can buy previous releases for $20 or subscribe from $15 per month.  Click here to shop | Click to subscribe

What did you think about my cool stuff round up? Anything take your fancy?

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