Currently Crushing On Valentine’s Day

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? There’s a lot of chatter about it being too commercial and manufactured, but I say it is whatever you want it to be.  You don’t have to spend $200 on roses, or $500 for a set menu dinner for two in a crowded restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to drink French Champagne or buy expensive presents.  Of course, if you want to do this, I’m certainly not going to stop you.  Bring it on, I say!

I think we should show our loved ones that we adore them every single day.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t seize every opportunity to celebrate the love of my life!  I’m all for Valentine’s Day.  It’s a great excuse for a sweet treat or three, some Champagne, and being a bit sickeningly gooey.

The Welshman and I have an extended Valentine’s Day celebration, as the anniversary of our first kiss on our first date falls two days before Valentine’s Day.  You see, we suddenly realised that our official first date was going to be on Valentine’s Day and that was just awkward!  The perfect solution was beer, pizza and rugby at my share house.  The Welshman had found his perfect woman, obviously.

If you wanted to be showered with ridiculously romantic gifts, then you could certainly do worse than the gorgeousness displayed here.

Currently Crushing on Valentine’s Day by Shopbop

I’m just totes in love with Shopbop* and I’m loving this sweet as sugar Valentine’s Day lust list of loveliness. I’ll have one of everything, please!


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