DIY Business Cards

I had an emergency of the business card kind recently.  Unfortunately, I’d had a delay in obtaining print quality image files so was unable to get business cards printed in time for an event.

So I got creative and made my own!  I had recently become inspired by The Spring Shop and ordered some beautiful doily stamps, shipping tags and orange stamp pad.  Isn’t it amazing what you can justify when it “matches my blog design”?  I’ve recently placed another order for lace tape, metallic stamp pads, indigo stamp pad,  and sticker paper.

I had no idea what I was actually going to do with these supplies, but I am jolly glad I’d given into temptation and ordered them.

I printed off my vital details onto sticky labels.  Who knew printing labels from a MacPro was so difficult?  In the end, the Welshman saved the day by proffering his work laptop so I could create the labels on the MS-only template, which we then saved as a PDF and printed from a thumb drive in the printer.  Honestly, I never thought I’d see the day when I didn’t absolutely love my MacPro!

Unfortunately, the labels were completely the wrong size for my shipping tags, so I whipped out my trusty mini guillotine.  I once went to a scrapbooking party many, many moons ago and it is one of the handiest things in my craft box.

A neon orange stamp pad and two lace doily stamps later, and I had unique and pretty DIY business cards that reflected Kim-Marie and Kimba Likes, and were useful to boot!

Now, that’s my kind of craft!  Done on the fly, serves a purpose, requires a bit of Kiwi ingenuity and, most importantly, no sewing!  I loved them so much I’ve since arranged to have a personalised address stamp made so I can make more without dealing with the hideous sticky labels.

The shipping tags have also been pressed into service as thank you notes, present tags, place cards, address labels and labelling of file boxes.

Oh, and the DIY business cards went down a treat at my event.  Memorable and a talking point.  Perfect!


Kimba Likes Image Credits:

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  • Photograph by Kim-Marie Williams
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