Thankful Thursday : Honey Soy Chicken Stir Fry



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What are you thankful for this week?




This Thursday I’m thankful for honey soy chicken stir fry.  I can actually cook.  In fact, I’m not that bad, if I do say so myself, but after years of the Welshman doing our cooking, I feel like my skills have atrophied.  He even took over my masterpiece – risotto – adapted it and made it even better than my version.  So I gave up!  I just don’t cook.  I do love to get my bake on though.

We run two dinner sittings on our house – Boyo eats first, sometimes with me, sometimes on his own.  I’m an excellent food stylist, and I assemble him dinner from something the Welshman prepared earlier.  One roast can do us all week – roast dinner, stir fry, burger sandwiches, pasta …

I do feel guilty that I don’t cook for him and that he eats so much pasta and sauce from the supermarket (but he asks for it every single day, and it is a great way to chock him full of vegies that he’d never eat if I prepared them for him!).  This is why I’m thankful for honey soy chicken.  It takes about 5 minutes, goes beautifully with frozen peas (don’t ask) and is something I’ve prepared with my own hands.  Like a real mother.



Firstly, chop up the chicken.  We use free range organic chicken thighs, and I much prefer kitchen scissors.  Scissors are much easier for klutzy girls to handle than knives.  Oh, and much less touching of dead chickens.  Ewwww.



Add a little sesame oil.  Oh, it smells so pretty.  Please note carefully blurred photo of raw chicken – urk!



Then a little soy sauce and some sweet, sweet honey.



Pop the pan onto a medium heat.  I prefer to do it this way and heat the pan with the ingredients in – less chance of burning and oil spatters.  Did I mention I’m a klutz?



Use a spatula to gently coat the chicken in the sauces and move around the pan to encourage the pieces to cook through.  Tres important with chicken, obviously.  It smells delicious now, by the way, as the honey caramelises.  This is the stage that I would add chopped vegetables, if I had a child who would eat vegetables.  Luckily, he’s a fruit bat!



Chuck in some noodles for a quick stir fry.  Remember to soak them in hot water first.  It literally takes seconds to coat them in the deliciousness of the caramelised honey soy, so be quick and probably don’t stop to snap a photo like I did.  The line between caramelised and burnt is very fine.



There you have it.  Honey Soy Chicken Stir Fry.  Serve to your very fussy child with a side order of frozen peas.  Yes, not cooked peas from frozen.  Actual frozen peas.  Whatever dude.  They’re vegies.  I don’t quibble.



Revel in the cuddles that will surely be your lot for serving your child’s favourite dinner!



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