tips on how to cull your wardrobe

tips on how to cull your wardrobe

Kimba Likes | tips on how to cull your wardrobe

I’ve just completed my Autumn Winter wardrobe changeover.  Phew!  It’s an epic endeavour.  I have a teensy walk in wardrobe, a small rack in my bedroom, a chest of drawers and a low 50s dresser, plus I’ve converted my spare ensuite shower into a wardrobe with some hanging racks. Oh, and my shoes are stored in wire baskets under my bed, and in a bookcase at our front door.

My off season wardrobe is stored in four suitcases in the spare room.  I know.  Out of control.

But I’m clawing back control.  I’ve been on a major decluttering project.  Mahjor!  Not just for my wardrobe either.  Every single room, cupboard, area and zone of the house is slowly going through the process.

The tips I’ve been following are:

  • check for multiples 
    Whether it is plain black long sleeved layering tops, colanders or notebooks, do I really need them in doubles or triples?
  • usage
    When did we last use it or when did I last wear it?
  • special occasion
    Is it something we will need for a special occasion? I won’t wear a party dress every day but I will need a few for fancy date nights, birthday parties and work events throughout the year.  We don’t use a dozen wineglasses at once, but we do host barbecues and dinner parties when we need extras.
  • suitability
    Does it fit my body, feet or lifestyle? No point in keeping plastic lids for damaged storage containers.  Equally no point keeping something like an officewear skirt suit that may fit my body but doesn’t fit my lifestyle requirements.
  • ch ch changes
    Are there any changes in my life that I could need these items for? Am I going to start a new job where I need office heels? Starting a study course where I can use my cute notebook stash? Planning on losing weight? Got a friend or family member going through these changes?

To undertake a cull, sorting is priority.  It can be overwhelming so the best bet is to set many smaller goals leading to the big goal of a clutter free house.

Try these one step at a time goals:

  • Don’t declutter the whole kitchen at once.  Do one cupboard or drawer at a time.  For example, does every lid have a matching container in good nick?
  • Sort out one storage box of clothes at a time.  Or one drawer of stationery.  Or one box of nail polish.
  • Do one collection at a time.  Start with, say, handbags then move onto another collection, like belts or scarves or shoes.
  • Set up baskets to keep, donate, chuck, sell.
  • Then when you have more time, you can action those baskets.  Like load a basketful of items onto eBay or pop the keep items away in your drawers.
  • Take items to be donated straight out to your car boot. Do a Google search for opshops in your area and check which ones have good parking options or drive in drop off areas.
  • Meet up with friends for a coffee and hand over a bag of items you think they would like.  Maternity clothes, kids books and toys, officewear for a new job …
  • Be aware that you didn’t get all this stuff in one day, so you can’t expect the declutter process to be done in one weekend.  Be kind to yourself. Do a little bit often, rather than start a massive project and get overwhelmed.

Undecided on certain items? I’ve got a bonus tip to help with how to declutter your wardrobe.

Set up a Maybe basket.  But don’t just chuck everything in there.  Be ruthless.  If you’re undergoing a cull, you probably already have more stuff than you need.

How my Maybe basket works is that I will pop items that I’m not quite sure about in there, and then trial them with new season pieces or other outfit options.  If they work, then they’re in.  If I’m not feeling it, then they go back to the cull basket.

In past years, I’ve just stuffed my drawers with all my maybe items, not worn them throughout the season and then put them back into storage.  My Maybe basket system breaks this cycle.  I benefit by having drawers that aren’t stuffed and I can either sell or donate them.  Win win!

Kimba Likes | tips on how to cull your wardrobe

This is one of the pieces from my recent wardrobe seasonal changeover that hit the Maybe basket.  As a possessor of EnormoBoobs, a roll neck style isn’t the most flattering of choices. Sleeveless roll neck? Even less flattering.

However, the long line of the jumper with side splits does help to mitigate this, as does layering over a patterned long sleeve top. Plus can we talk about how gorgeous the colour is?

I wore it for a casj Get Shiz Done day, and it was comfy and cosy.

Kimba Likes | tips on how to cull your wardrobe

However, I’m still not quite sure.  What do you think? Yay or Nay? Keep or Cull?

Do you do a seasonal wardrobe changeover? Got any cull tips to share?

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