How to get ready after the gym : Redcliffe Style Guest Post



My lovely friend Rachel from Redcliffe Style is guest posting for me today.  I am many things but a gym bunny I am not.  Luckily, the gorgeous Rachel is here to give us some advice on how to get ready after the gym, or how to go from Sweaty to Ready!  Sweaty, Ready, Go!




I often have about ten minutes to get myself ready in the morning and it’s usually after my run or workout. This makes everything a little harder because when you stop exercising, the perspiring starts.



After my run, I’ll have a shower. As much as I would like this to be cool, it’s important that the water is warm. You don’t want to shock your body – you have probably already shocked it enough with your workout. 


Fast dressing on a freshly exercised and freshly showered body can be quite tricky. Stockings and jeans will stick and you can’t afford to waste your valuable time struggling with these.  It’s just not worth it.  You may even pull a muscle trying.
Find some looser clothing made with natural fibres.  It’s best that these don’t require ironing.  This is for two very good reasons:


1. Ironing is boring


2. The heat from the iron will keep you perspiring for longer




Now you are dressed and it’s time for makeup and hair.


I usually put on my moisturiser, sunscreen and eye cream first, and then start blasting my hair with the hairdryer.  The  heat from the hairdryer will make you sweat too, so you need to be quick and finish before all your moisturiser has melted and run down your top.  I finish with cool air and this is usually on my face.


Once you have successfully cooled down, you can start carefully applying your makeup. Keep blasting your face sporadically with cool air from the hairdryer until you are done. Finish off with a run through your wind blown locks with a gHD,  a swipe of red lippy and you are good to go.  Sweaty to Ready!


Rachel Wernicke is a 39 year old married mother of two girls.  After working as a paralegal in Brisbane for 14 years, she left life in the big city to focus on her family. Once the kids were both in school, it was time to get back to work. In a four person house with five computers, two iPads, two iPhones, two iPod Touches and half a dozen cameras, there seemed only one direction to go.  Rachel decided to learn more about the the world of blogging and indulge her passions for style and life on the Redcliffe Peninsula.



In October 2011, she started as a place to write about and photograph the things she enjoyed. is a light-hearted blog about lifestyle, fashion, beauty and food.  Find Redcliffe Style on Facebook





Thank you very much, Rachel.  Love your work!


Do you have any tips for going from Sweaty to Ready?  I’d love to hear them!  Do you use your hairdryer to cool down?  I know I do in the summer time.  I swear my bathroom is the hottest place in the house when I’m rushing to get ready in the morning.  Or maybe I only experience early menopause hot flashes on humid Sydney summer mornings?  When it does finally strike, I now know how to deal with it!  



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