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Kimba Likes Daily Treats | Project Kimba

Kimba Likes Daily Treats | rebooted

Kimba Likes Daily Treats

Way back in 2013, I kicked off a new project on Kimba Likes.  It was all about the Me Time Moment and about carving out a little moment every day just for you.  It was a cliché then and it’s a cliché now, but “as a busy wife and mother …” is a marketing trope for a good reason.

As women, we tend to put ourselves second.  On a good day.  Sometimes we are lucky to be third or fourth, or even on the list at all.

Kimba Likes Daily Treats was all about thinking how can I make time for myself today.  Like savouring a cup of tea while it’s still hot.  Lighting a candle when the kids are napping.  Sitting down to drink your takeaway coffee rather than powerwalking down the road on the way to the next thing on your Ta Da List.

We can’t look after others if we don’t look after ourselves first, right?  Another cliché but yet again, for a reason!

my health update

You won’t have seen me sharing many #kimbalikesdailytreats moments recently.  Because I’ve been ashamed to share them.  I have been treating myself too often.  With cake.  And a cheeky milkshake.  A cookie with my coffee. White toast with lashings of butter and Vegemite instead of my usual GF cereal with buffalo yoghurt and organic fruit.

In the last year or so, my health situation has worsened.

  • I’ve added another AI disease to the list
  • I have peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage)
  • My sinusitis is constant
  • My skin is more reactive (I am currently dealing with dermatitis on my eyelids)
  • My anxiety is largely under control but when it flares, it is not pretty
  • My mobility has decreased
  • I need to use a walking stick because falling over isn’t fun
  • Drug side effects caused sleep issues, including scary dreams
  • I have put on a tonne of weight

Autoimmune disease means the body’s immune system attacks healthy cells.  My immune system is really efficient.  It does a great job.  It just has the wrong target.  I am basically being betrayed by my own body.

This is hard to deal with on both a practical physical level and an emotional level.  Unfortunately, I’ve been making myself feel better by treating myself.

Even more unfortunately, the treats I’ve been feeding my psyche, also have a direct impact on my health.  And the size of my Mumtacular Tumtacular and my baby-got-back butt and my turkey drumstick thighs.

Excess weight makes the symptoms of the autoimmune disease worse, and although every body is beautiful, I am in danger of being sized out of some of my favourite labels and I’m just not cool with that.  Shallow maybe, but I’m cool with that too.

So I’m relaunching my own personal version of Kimba Likes Daily Treats.  Project Kimba!

Project Kimba

There are some things that I can’t control or improve, no matter how hard I try.  But what I can do is make a simple plan to improve my health, and do my absolute best to follow through, and put myself first.

Many of these things I do already, but not consistently.  Some of these will help me lose weight, and then maintain a healthier weight.  But mainly, they will just help me feel more in control of my own body and life.

  • 5,000 steps a day (because any more flares up my inflammation, decreasing mobility and increasing pain)
  • Kimba Likes Daily Treats OG version.  Like treat myself to a manicure (after I’ve walked there and back) instead of a pastry with my latte (from the cafe I drove to)
  • Girl Time. It is easy to become a little isolated when you work from home, especially with chronic illness thrown in to the mix.  Nothing restores the soul like a good giggle with my Girl Gang; whether it be for a Kimba-paced walk around the block, a coffee or cocktail, or a phone call with my interstate friends.  I recently reconnected with a woman I met when we started school.  In 1978!  We spoke for hours and it was beautiful!
  • Listen to my body. If I’m tired, I’m going to take a nap.  Or go to bed early.
  • Be kind to myself.  A day off isn’t admitting defeat. It is paying attention to what my body and my soul needs.
  • Serve my meals on a smaller plate with more attention paid to portion control.  The Blokefolk forget I am much smaller than them and don’t need to eat a man sized meal!
  • Make a Ta Da List of shit that must be done and shit that would be nice if it was done, and tackle them in that order!
  • Outsource where needed.  There is no point wasting my energy on things that someone else can do more efficiently.
  • Schedule my down time and Girl Time and exercise time and fadmin time, because if it’s written down and scheduled, it is easier to follow through and Get Shiz Done.

My OG blogging buddy Sonia Styling had a similar epiphany this week.  She’s come up with #allaboutmeapril and it’s a jolly good idea.  Check it out here!

I’d love to see how you look after yourself and give yourself  Me Time Moments by tagging #kimbalikesdailytreats and @kimbalikes.  Join me and join #allaboutmeapril with @soniastyling.  We deserve it!

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