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Would you like to be a Guest Post Guest Star on Kimba Likes?  I’d love for you to be my guest!

Big Four Oh My Gods Festival of Kimba Extravaganza aka My Blogging Break

You may have heard me mention oh, once or twice, that it is my Big Four Oh My Gods very, very soon.  Festival of Kimba this year is going to be even more of an extravaganza than the usual OTT festivities.  We usually have a little staycation in our own city – just the three of us, a posh hotel, some room service, a movie or two, being a tourist in our own city, and a buffet breakfast of Epic Proportions.

This year, in honour of my Big Four Oh My Gods Festival of Kimba Extravaganza, the staycation part sees us jetting off to LA for a little holiday.  We’re starting off in  with some luxe beachside accommodation to spend a few days recovering from the jetlag in Housewives of the OC territory, Huntington Beach.  Next up, it’s Disneyland baby!  Boyo’s present to me for my Big Four Oh My Gods is a trip to Disneyland and some Minnie Mouse ears.  Perfect!  Then we’re going to recover and relax for a few days, before an All American Road Trip to San Francisco to check out the fabulous San Francisco Zoo and Sea World and some more relaxation.  There may also be SHOPPING – yes, that is in SHOUTY CAPITALS!  Phew!

I’ve also promised the Welshman that it will be a proper holiday.  No blogging whilst I’m away.  Insert sad face here.  I haven’t agreed to no Instagram though, so do be prepared to be photobombed!  I apologise in advance.


Guest Post Request

After that extremely wordy lead in, here’s my request!  I am inviting submission of posts from Guest Post Guest Stars to be scheduled for publication on Kimba Likes for the last three weeks of September 2013.

Kimba Likes focuses on Family | Fashion | Frivolity – it’s a pretty encompassing list of topics.  If you’d like to write for Kimba Likes along those themes, I’d be delighted to have you.  Fill your boots!

If you prefer, you can complete the Kimba Likes Style Profile.


Kimba Likes Style Profile

Which celebrity’s wardrobe would you most like to raid?

Which character’s wardrobe would you most like to raid (TV, film, literary)?

What is your favourite colour combination du jour?

What one piece in your wardrobe instantly  makes you feel fabulous?

What is your most loathed current style trend?

What is your favourite current style trend?

Which shop or label do you feel most sums up your style?

Complete this sentence – “Style is …”

Share your fashion mantra

Describe your style in one sentence.

Where do you get your Style Inspiration from?

Share your best “Champagne fashion on a Sparkling Wine budget” tip

What are your Holy Grail beauty products?

Please feel free to include some photos of your style – I love a good selfie or three!


Email me on with any questions, queries or, gods love you, a post!  Would love submissions by 30 August, you gorgeous ladybugs! xx

Please make sure you include a bio and photo.  Whilst I would love to be able to pay you for your contribution, I’m afraid that I’ve checked the Kimba Likes piggy bank and she’s emptier than a warehouse after a 90% off designer clearance sale!


Love Kimba xxx





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