How Do You Relax?

I am one of those odd people who don’t find relaxing very easy.  I positively loathe massages, unless it’s a quick head massage at the hairdressers, or a massage chair at the chop shop where I get my pedicures done.  I do love the glamour of day spas, but find them a bit odd too.  All the drama about paper knickers and falling asleep and therefore missing the whole shebang.  I do adore a Vichy shower though – such a shame you have to go through the whole body scrub / wrap experience first!

Even when I appear to the outside world to be relaxing, ie, lounging on the sofa, I am probably blogging on the laptop, editing photos on my iPad, talking to my family, emailing and sharing photos with my overseas family, making Ta Da Lists and planning, not to mention also watching something on television.  I might throw in the odd tweet here and there too.  The Welshman probably considers I spend large swathes of time relaxing, but I beg to differ!

I tend to run on adrenaline, constantly multi tasking.  I supervise homework whilst I’m loading the dishwasher.  I make Boyo’s lunch whilst I’m waiting for the toaster to pop for my breakfast.  I brush my teeth whilst watching the news in the morning.

There are lots of things that I love to do if I have a bit of spare time, but I don’t find them truly relaxing.  I love to watch rugby, but it could not be called a relaxing experience, for me or my fellow viewers!  I’m on the edge the whole time, willing my team to win, yelling at the ref and shouting encouragement.  They can so hear me!

I find shopping to be deeply enjoyable (I actually don’t even mind the grocery shopping), but I loathe carparks and the unusual behaviours displayed in them.  I get frustrated by the lack of customer service, and even how rude the other customers can be.

I really enjoy my Pilates sessions, but they are not relaxing!  Afterwards, I feel pleasantly calm and relaxed, but this soon is lost in the rush of the next task on my Ta Da List.  And the “ow, my abs, ouch, my bottom, my thighs” with every step doesn’t prolong the relaxed feeling.

Even when I have a license to relax, such as our recent holiday to Bali, there was a part of me that felt deeply guilty that I was relaxing on a sunlounge, when I should have been swimming or walking on the beach  or doing whatever it is that people on holidays do.  I soon got over myself though, by going on the waterslide with Boyo, enjoying a refreshing poolside cocktail, and then retiring gratefully to my sunlounge and my book.

The only time I possibly ever feel truly relaxed is when I’m snuggled up with the Welshman, drinking a glass of wine and sharing a laugh.  Or lying under the Vichy shower, enjoying my own personal rainstorm.  There you go, maybe if I could combine a Vichy shower with my sofa, the Welshman and wine, I’d be able to truly relax whenever I wanted!

How do you relax?  Do you relax?  I’d love to hear all about it!

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