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I’m giving up in February.  I’m giving up drinking and I’m giving up shopping. Just for a month. Maybe longer!

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I don’t have a drinking problem but I do have a shopping problem. Well, perhaps more of a storage problem. And a time problem.

I could go several months wearing a different pair of shoes every day without doubling up once.  I have nearly as many handbags as I have shoes.  And jeans. Tops. Dresses. Accessories.  Getting the picture?

We are giving up alcohol for a month because we’ve had a rather indulgent festive period, including catching up with family in New Zealand and celebrating the Welshman’s birthday in January.  It’s the quickest way to lose a little weight and just generally feel a bit more energetic and healthier.

I do like a bit of challenge, so I’ve decided to up the ante by giving up both shopping and alcohol for a month.

I’m also going to spend the month doing an exhaustive wardrobe cull. At the end of last year, I completed one but, to be honest, I put far too much in storage and kept many things because they were designer labels, expensive purchases (that don’t fit or suit me) or because of sentimental value.

If you’d like to join me on either challenge, here are some tips.

Kimba Likes Mindful Living. I

Giving up alcohol for a health detox or fundraising challenge

 Kimba Likes Mindful Living. I

How to cope with a self-imposed shopping ban

  • Remove temptation by unsubscribing from sale alert emails.  Alternatively, set up an autorule in your email inbox to file them in a separate folder.  This way, you don’t have to resubscribe later on and you’re not teased by daily emails!
  • Spend some time reorganising your wardrobe so you can shop your own clothes.
  • Use the time you would have spent shopping on creating new habits or hobbies.
  • If, like me, you shop on your phone, then don’t. Simple as that. Put your phone down more often. Chat to friends and family.  Read a book.
  • Set yourself a time period.  It’s unsustainable not to shop ever again, plus I don’t want to deprive you of all that fun!
  • During my defined shopping ban, I will be undertaking a wardrobe cull.  I’ll probably discover some treasures I forgot I had, some stuff which is too big, never going to fit again, or just plain wrong.  I’ll also discover some fabulous pieces that just aren’t me, no matter how hard I try or how long I keep them in storage.  It’s a great opportunity.
  • Reward yourself at the end of your non-shopping time by filling the gaps you will have discovered in your wardrobe.  Or just something ridiculously fluffy that you really really “need”!
Next week, I’ll be sharing some tips on how to undertake a wardrobe cull and how to set up your wardrobe like your very own personalised shop!
Anyone else feel like they need a detox?

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