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My blokefolk went camping recently – they do so love a good outdoor expedition. No showers, sitting around a campfire, boating, fishing, swimming, exploring … et al. They tend to leave me behind. I don’t really camp. I am camp, but I don’t camp. Hello, did I mention no showers?


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One of the highlights for Boyo, apart from no showers for two days, is s’mores.

A s’more is a North American food delight consisting of graham crackers, chocolate and a toasted marshmallow. So beloved is the s’more in America that it even has its very own annual celebration day. Yup, August 10 is National S’more Day!



To make a s’more, you sandwich a square of chocolate and a toasted marshmallow between two graham crackers and consume!

However, graham crackers are almost impossible to source in Australia, so let me introduce you to the Welshman’s Cheaty McCheat S’mores.




You need a packet of chocolate digestive biscuits. The British McVities are our personal favourite and are now available in lots of supermarkets. You could also use Australian Arnott’s Chocolate Wheatens or New Zealand Griffin’s Chocolate Wheatens.

Next, of course, you’re going to need a packet of marshmallows and a fire to toast them on, as well as a toasting fork, obvs. A stick does the trick too.

Squish the toasted marshmallow between two biscuits and consume with delight!




Boyo was concerned that I had missed out on the s’more delights due to not going camping, so the Welshman toasted me a marshmallow on the barbecue and whacked it on a McVitie’s chocolate digestive. I have to admit that it was heavenly, if not a teensy bit sickly sweet. Two biscuits would have been too much for me.




I tried an even more Cheaty McCheat version in the microwave, but it was a bit of an epic fail. Still sickly sweet delicious though!

The best fun about s’mores, apart from the eating, is the sitting around the campfire, toasting marshmallows over the flames. So I’m told.

Have you had a genuine North American s’more? Do you think you’d try the Welshman’s Cheaty McCheat version? They’re goooood!


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