My week in photos | Week 8 2016

Kimba Likes my week in photos

Sharing my week in photos.  A Sunday surprise, the cutest Mini Guineas in town, and my favourite pink and rose gold colours!

Kimba Likes my week in photos | prosecco cocktail in a gorgeous rose gold cocktail glass

my week in photos | cocktails

The Welshman is an amazing cook, and he’s taken on the project of teaching Boyo how to cook.  Apparently, this also includes mixing cocktails.  I know right?

What a lovely surprise to receive on a Sunday afternoon.  Presented in one of my favourite Lisa T for Target rose gold martini glasses, the cocktail was crushed ice and muddled limes topped with prosecco and garnished with fresh basil.  And it was delicious!
Kimba Likes my week in photos | wearing Ruby & Lilli Pop Fizz Clink T shirt, Seed rose gold belt, Sportsgirl blush maxi, Pavement kicks

my week in photos | most popular Instagram of the week

My most popular outfit on Instagram in the last week featured a gorgeous blush maxi skirt from Sportsgirl, teamed with a fun Pop Fizz Clink T shirt by Ruby & Lilli, rose gold belt from Seed and cute kicks from Pavement.  Boyo decided they weren’t cool but I’m loving them!

Kimba Likes my week in photos | Honeydew & Violet Organic Halo ring and bangle

my week in photos | pink and silver

I adore my Honeydew & Violet Organic Halo bangle so much I bought the matching ring.  Sweet huh?  My Valentine’s Day / dating anniversary lilies are still giving love and a whole heap of prettiness.

After my recent horrid experience getting my nails done at a shopping mall chop shop, I treated myself to an SNS extension manicure in the prettiest shade of pink at the lovely Nails Nails in Rozelle.

Kimba Likes my week in photos | Nunucoco and Mr Grohl, the cutest Mini Guineas in town

my week in photos | mini guineas

Excuse me, but can we just take a moment to appreciate how adorable the Mini Guineas are? Nunucoco and Mr Grohl have their Pig Palace set up on our rear balcony.  They have lots of fun things to hide in and chew, seagrass matting to sit on, cardboard castles to climb and coconut coir hidey holes.

What they don’t have is grass so we take them downstairs to their little enclosed grassy run. Bless them!

Kimba Likes my week in photos | Kimba Likes Daily Treats, lactose free ice cream, Vogue with GWP mascara, Kmart blush pink faux sheepskin rug

my week in photos | shopping wins

Finally managed to get my hands on a blush pink Wellington rug from Kmart.  Kinda obsessed by Kmart style!

I may have squealed out loud when I found Peters Lactose Free vanilla ice cream at my local IGA.  It is GOOD!

I’ve started buying magazines again.  There’s something glam about shiny paper and pretty pictures.  I’m also totes in love with magazine freebies.  The latest copy of Vogue Australia comes with a Max Factor mascara.  Love that!

Kimba Likes my week in photos | old school Reebok kicks, botanical maxi dress

my week in photos | sore tootsie

There’s never really a good time to have a foot injury, but during February with its high temperatures and even higher humidity isn’t one of them.  Wearing a compression bandage and trainers is not awesome!

I wish I had a cool injury story, but I’m literally just a klutz.  There was a girl and a pair of stairs and a week later, there was a girl who tripped over her own foot.  Her sore foot.

Now that I’m kicking up my exercise a notch or six after my operation, I’ve flared it up again.  Fortunately, the compression is reducing the swelling and I’m getting less pain.  Toes crossed!

Kimba Likes Wardrobe Wednesday

my week in photos | design refresh

You might notice Kimba Likes has had a little refresh.  There’s a new logo, a new Wardrobe Wednesday badge, and I’ve updated some buttons and my categories sliders.

A change is as good as a holiday! I hope you’re loving it as much as I am.

What did your week look like?  I hope you have a gorgeous week, and I’ll see you again next Monday for another edition of my week in photos.

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