Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 : Planning My Schedule



Only a few more sleeps until I’m attending Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012.  I can’t tell you how excited I am.  OK, yes, I can.  I AM EXCITED!





I think I’m as prepared as I can be but I’m still dithering over the breakout sessions.

As a newbie blogger, I need help with EVERYTHING.  Katrina from the Block (love her!) and her The Media Maid blog design business is running one breakout class on Blog Design 101, which is on at the same time as SEO & Analytics for Dummies.  This one might as well be titled “Kimba Must Attend”, such a gumby I am when it comes to SEO and analytics!

However, I’m really interested in blog design, too.  I use a WordPress template but I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a Kimbalikes logo and incorporating this into my blog.  Hmmm, what to do, what to do?!  Luckily, Katrina has replied to my comment on her Blogopolis post, letting me know she’ll have a recap up on her blog.  Oh, thank goodness.  There’s one problem solved!


Tug of war deciding between breakout classes!



The next breakout session has The Ins & Outs of a Media Kit up against Creating a Brand for Your Blog.  I think I would benefit equally from both of these sessions.  I’m still undecided as to which session to attend, but I think I’m leaning towards learning how to create a media kit.  No, maybe creating a brand would be better for me?  Actually, I’m hoping I can get cloned as I’d love to attend both!  This is valuable information I need to know!  I’m really torn about this decision – anyone got any feedback or advice for me?!

The final breakout session is a panel about the opportunities gained from blogging, and a lesson on Blog Photography 101.  As much as I’d love to attend the panel, I think  I would benefit more from the photography session.  I hope I won’t be embarrassed when I rock up with my little girly pink point and shoot Canon Ixus!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the panel will be filmed and I’ll be able to catch up later.



I’m really looking forward to learning more about blogging and I’m hoping this newbie blog old dog can learn lots of new tricks.  I’m also really looking forward to meeting many of the people I’ve connected with on Twitter and through our blogs, including some of my blogging idols.  Nikki from Styling You told me she is excited to meet me – how cool is that?!

Are you attending Blogopolis?  Do you keep accidentally typing Blogopolish like me?  Have you decided which breakout classes you’re going to attend?  Love to hear your advice and feedback!

Oh, and can’t wait to say hi at Blogopolis! 🙂  I’ll be the one in the mad pants with a big smile!






  • Kimba Likes 2012 : The Year That Was - 17 February 2015 - 11.51 am

    […] for being just the way we are, and I started planning for my inaugural blogging experience – Blogopolis 2012.  Boyo and I reviewed Ice Age 4 and Brave, and I guest posted for B Being Cool on […]ReplyCancel

  • Birdy Num Num - 29 June 2012 - 9.09 pm

    Think I’ll be going to the left hand side sessions (Analytics sound like they will go over my head, and every time I pick up a camera it stops working). Can’t wait to see you there (I’ll definitely be at the bubbly bar afterwards :)))ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 1 July 2012 - 6.05 pm

      I found the SEO one very interesting and I’ve implemented a few suggestions but I still don’t have a clue about it! 🙂 Gumby alert! I embarrassed myself a little but gave everyone a laugh too! 🙂

      I’m so glad we got to say hi. I’m just sorry we didn’t have enough time to chat more. The loo was my priority after all that tea, and I kept missing people. I hope they knew I really did need the loo and wasn’t using it as an excuse! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Cup of Tea & a Blog - 29 June 2012 - 7.29 pm

    I want to go to all of them! think I’ll have to make a last minute decision. See you there! xReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 1 July 2012 - 6.07 pm

      What ones did you wind up choosing? I loved the photography workshop the best, got some insights from the brand workshop and got olds of tips from the SEO workshop, even though I understood very little of it! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Rachel @ TheKidsAreAllRight - 29 June 2012 - 2.44 pm

    Another noob, another first-time conference-goer 🙂 See you there!ReplyCancel

  • Denyse Whelan - 29 June 2012 - 2.22 pm

    Hi Kim-Marie, I will be there, and I will probably choose on the day. Not so interested in blog design now as happy with it, but need to listen more to SEO….but just being ‘there’ is an education in itself. Looking forward to meeting you too. DenyseReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 1 July 2012 - 6.10 pm

      Hi Denyse. Lovely to meet you. You’re just as bubbly and lovely in person as I thought you’d be. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Grace - 29 June 2012 - 1.31 pm

    I’m choosing everything in the right hand column..I think I’m just lazy and don’t want to move seats…lol! Whatever you miss, the info will be floating around somewhere, I’m sure. Look forward to meeting you!ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 1 July 2012 - 6.12 pm

      Hi Grace. I squandered my late pass! I was just too tired and was home before 9.30pm. I hope you made a better effort with yours! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • cathy camera - 29 June 2012 - 10.26 am

    I’m a newbie too – have been blogging for nearly 5 years but have only recently taken it seriously and this is my first ever conference! Think we might be going opposite sessions, although I would love to sit in on all of them! Hope to meet you at some stage! ReplyCancel

  • Lauren/y - 26 June 2012 - 11.03 pm

    I’m choosing everything in the right hand column – so excited!ReplyCancel

  • Tina Gray - 26 June 2012 - 7.19 pm

    Even though I’m not a newbie, I’m planning on going to the SEO class too. I know there’s stuff I should be doing that I’m not. I’m really looking forward to this weekend. See you in Sydney 🙂 ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Hill - 26 June 2012 - 2.37 pm

    Oh yay Kimba! I’ll be at Blogopolis too, and I’ve decided on the SEO class. Like you I am a newbie and could benefit from all the breakout classes, if only I could send one of my personalities to each 😉 I’m thinking Media Kit, but maybe can learn enough from online resources so maybe I should go for the branding class. And I’m still tossing up between the opportunities panel and the photography… like you, I only have a compact point & shoot, but most of my photos on my blog come from my phone anyway!ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 26 June 2012 - 4.02 pm

      See you there, Lisa I like your thinking on this. I think the SEO is a given for me. As for the second choice, I have bookmarked some excellent media kit posts so I might be able to give myself a tute on that and go for the branding. I think the photography workshop will be best for me. All these decisions?! ReplyCancel

  • Jeff Tan - 26 June 2012 - 1.41 pm

    Hey Kimba, glad that you’re attending my SEO & Analytics class! Thanks for adding me to GA, I’ll check out your site and stats and hopefully there’ll be a few juicy insights we can extract. ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 26 June 2012 - 1.54 pm

      I’m a very newbie blogger who has absolutely no idea about SEO. I don’t even think I’m doing it properly, so am so looking forward to this workshop. It was the first thing I looked for on the schedule, to be honest! 🙂 Thanks for your help, Jeff. Look forward to saying hi! ReplyCancel

  • FoxInFlats - 26 June 2012 - 1.12 pm

    I’m excited for you! Won’t be going this time, but will meet up for a champers after at the after party?! xReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 26 June 2012 - 1.53 pm

      Hell to the yeah, baby! I’m still sick as a dog but I reckon I can down a Champagne or two. Especially with you! 🙂ReplyCancel

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