Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 : The Aftermath


Nuffnang Blogopolis was all it was cracked up to be, and was even better than I had imagined.  I came, I saw, I ate, I learned, I laughed, I learned a bit more, I hugged, I took notes, I drank tea , I spilled tea, I tweeted and I talked and talked and talked.

It was an amazing opportunity to just soak in the atmosphere of the bloggy buzz.  Here’s an icon, there’s a hero, and over there is a legend!  So many future icons, heroes and legends were in the crowd too.  I met many people but there were many I didn’t meet too.  I drank so much tea that I kept having to run off mid-conversation.  For anyone to whom I blurted “Must dash for a wee”, please know it wasn’t an excuse.  I really did want to say hello but I was full to the back teeth with delicious tea!



I was very impressed with Imogen Lamport’s opening session about Idea Sourcing and Content Creation.   She was a fabulously confident speaker with great personal style, and I really got a lot out of her session.  In particular, I will be utilising Editorial Calendar for my blog planning and using some, well, probably most, of her idea sourcing tips.

I spent much time deliberating over which breakout sessions to attend.  In the end I went with the right hand side.  I’m usually a left brain kind of person so I hope that was the right decision for me!

SEO and Analytics run by Jeff Tan was fascinating, and made me realise how little I know!  I outed myself as a complete gumby but I hope everyone enjoyed the giggle!  I have now fixed the annoying Facebook pop up thingummy that Jeff said he hated (I hated it too!).  Luckily, he liked my nRelate “related posts” plug in or I may have been somewhat despondent!   I do not know how I did it, but when I Google KimbaLikes, it no longer shows up as Kimba likes Kimba Likes.  O for Awesome!

I have now installed All in One SEO pack and although I’m not quite sure I fully comprehend it, I am teaching myself.  The free eBook available with the download is very interesting, especially when you only understand every second sentence!

Katrina from the Block’s Blog Design 101 session was on at the same time.  I was sad to have missed it but she’s posted her notes, which I’m working my way through.



Next up was the dynamic Nicole from Planning With Kids who presented on Creating a Brand for Your Blog.  I was particularly interested in her information regarding the placement of contact details on her blog and how this affected her stats and subscription rates.  The information on blog footers was valuable and is being added to my ongoing blog Ta Da! List.  Loved the Oscar Wilde quote she closed with.  “Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken”.

I had to miss Lady Melbourne’s Creating a Media Kit session, and I’m keen to get my hands, well, my eyes more correctly, on this information.  I don’t need it now, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

The final breakout session was run by Rachel Devine, who is a truly divine and down to earth photographer and person.  This was my absolute favourite session and her beautifully printed glossy booklets added so much to the session.  Hands up how many people are now placing tissues over their flashes for making beautiful diffused-light pictures?

I learned a lot from this informative and interesting session and am working on my “two roll purposeful photos”.

Up against this session was a panel on Opportunities Gained through Blogging, featuring a veritable Who’s Who of the Australian blogosphere.  Unfortunately, I needed photography knowledge more and had to miss this session.

After an amazing lunch of grilled salmon, potatoes, chocolate cake AND creme brûlée, where I didn’t manage to catch up with quite as many people as I had wished to, it was back to the main conference rooms.



The Finding Your Own Voice and Staying Relevant panel was helmed by the fabulous Kim Berry of All Consuming.  I was so delighted to meet her and she was fabulous on stage with mic in hand.  All she needed was a hi vis vest to complete the look.  Maybe she needs a mic at Junior Rugby?!

The panel was made up of Penny from Jeroxie, a fabulous food blogger; Lady Melbourne, a style blogger; the gorgeous Zoey from Good Googs, a self confessed failed scrapbooker and “weird” blogger, and Eden from Edenland.  Let’s face it, this panel would not have been complete without Eden.  I thought this was one of the most controversial panels of the day, but fabulously kept under control by Kim.  There were definite intakes of breath around the tables during this panel. Or was that just me?

Next up was the fabulous Christina from Hair Romance discussing Pinterest; Caz from Mojito Mother and yTravel Blog discussing podcasting, and Janice from Chaigyaru discussing YouTube.  I don’t think podcasting and YouTube are possibilities for me, but I’m all over Pinterest.  I must find some time to implement some of Christina’s suggestions!

Finally was the Australian Blogosphere panel, featuring Sarah from A Beach Cottage, Mrs Woog from WoogsWorld, Trevor Young and Dave Krupp from Nuffnang.  These guys had a tough gig at the end of the day.  People were tired and very keen on finding the champagne bar.  But they soldiered on and their discussion was fascinating.

It was a day of tea, chat, Instagram (until it died!), tweeting, learning, meeting and greeting and most of all, laughing!

Next step was champagne at Quay bar, and when that got a bit overwhelming for three tired bloggy girlfriends, Rachel from Redcliffe Style, Lou from LouWink and I headed off to Neptune for sang choy bow, fried ice cream and fortune cookies.  Absolutely loved this perfect end to a fabulous day!

Bring on the next Blogopolis!





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