Our Family Easter Celebrations




Our Family Easter Celebrations – all about food and relaxing and being together and real life Easter bunnies.



What we ate at our family Easter celebrations.  In short, lots of chocolate and far too much sugar.  As is customary.



Our Easter bunnies joined in the family Easter celebrations, bless their little fluffy paws.  Mr Bunsy is the little white dwarf rabbit and Bolt is the mini lop boofhead.  They’re my third and second children respectively.



Out and about over Easter.  Good Friday was a very lazy day of relaxing, Easter Saturday involved egg shopping, Rozelle Markets, Zumbo Lab and skateboarding in Manly.  On Easter Sunday, we ate chocolate for breakfast, went swimming and to the SFS for some super rugby.  Easter Monday has been decreed a day of relaxing, although we do need to hunt and gather to restock our supplies.  No more chocolate though!  Dear gods.  No. More. Chocolate.  Oh, OK then.  Just one more Marshmallow Egg then.



School Easter Hat Parade up and down Darling Street, Rozelle.  World famous in Rozelle.  Liquid Nails, Welsh engineering and Kiwi ingenuity held that hat on his head all the way, plus Boyo’s genius idea of wearing his school hat underneath as an anchor.  We’re good like that.  Team work FTW!


What did you do this Easter weekend?  We went shopping, ate far too much, went to the rugby, went to the pool, did a spot of gardening, read books, patted the bunnies, played DS and watched every DVD containing a rabbit that we possess.  My blokefolk are at the park kicking around a football.  I’m supposed to be getting ready and hanging out the washing, but instead I’m blogging.  Oops.

Happy Easter!


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