Rosewater Vanilla and Chocolate Espresso Cake Pops



There are many reasons I wish I lived closer to my BFF, but one of them is that she recently spent hours and hours making cake pops by hand for her son’s 8th birthday party.  Bless her little cotton socks – she said they were more like cake kebabs!  If we lived closer, I could share with her my fabulous Kambrook Little Chefs Cake Pop Maker that I was lucky enough to receive as a gift at the recent Kids Business Communications Bloggers Brunch November 2012.


With my cake pop maker, I made 48 cake pops in under 30 minutes.  It took a few minutes to mix the batter, following the official recipes, and then 5 minutes in the machine gave me 12 perfectly round cake pops.  Repeat a few times and it’s cake pops for everyone!



The first batch I made was my own invention – I took the vanilla cake pop recipe and added a couple of teaspoonsful of rosewater and a few drops of food colouring, resulting in Rosewater Vanilla cake pops.



Because they were so pretty, we decided to dip just the top of the Rosewater Vanilla cake pops in melted milk chocolate.

The next batch was Chocolate Espresso cake pops, which we also dipped in melted milk chocolate.



Next up, once the cake pops had been removed using silicone tongs and allowed to cool down, we started the decoration stage.  This took a little bit longer than expected, as we were teaching ourselves as we went through the process.  Due to my post-prandial Nanna nap turning into a two hour sleep, we were also running a little short on time. Oops.

The Welshman tempered the chocolate for me with a little butter to create a glossy finish, bought some disposable lollipop sticks and made me a fabulous cake pop decorating station!  What would I do without him?!



I borrowed a tip from Jos from Sew, Cook, Laugh and Live for the cake pop decorating.  So simple and it really worked!  Her suggestion was to pop a little melted chocolate on the stick before inserting it into the cake ball.  Gold!

I followed the tips I learnt from Kambrook regarding using a spoon to drizzle the melted chocolate over the cake pop, rather than dipping them inside the chocolate.  The finish was absolutely beautiful and they looked amazing, but I’m afraid that this method made for a very chocolatey treat, and we thought it took away from the cake flavour.

I know it’s sacrilege but there is such a thing as too much chocolate!

Instead, we dipped and swirled the top half of the cake pop quickly into the melted chocolate mixture.  This was particularly effective with the colourful Rosewater Vanilla cake pops.



With the Chocolate Espresso cake pops, they were already quite rich, as I used top quality Dutch cocoa powder and strong espresso coffee, so we tried another method – largely because we were running out of space to store the drying cake pops!

We gently picked up each cake and swirled them in the rapidly dwindling chocolate mixture, and then popped them chocolate side up on a gridded cake rack to dry.  Once they were dry, we then inserted the lollipop sticks.

The cake pops were a big hit at the Xmas drinks with friends that we attended, and Boyo and his babysitter gave us a double thumbs up too!

Note to friends and family – expect to see cake pops featuring quite frequently in my future party contributions!

Have you attempted cake pops?  Did you make them by hand, or use a technology option like the Kambrook Little Chefs Cake Pop Maker? What flavour should I try next?  Do you think there is a thing as too much chocolate or am I just weird?


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