Boyo’s primary school hosts an annual parent fundraiser.  There’s always a theme.  This year, it was the Oscars so the Welshman and I went as Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.  As you do.

Recently I bombarded Twitter with questions on hair rollers, winged eyeliner, false eyelash application … and so on.  I’ve been Googling and YouTubing and blog-reading, not to mention shopping and practising and searching and planning.

Finally, I had all the pieces in one spot, after a heart stopping hour when I temporarily lost my sh*t the paper bag containing all the bits and pieces needed to transform me into Elizabeth Taylor.  These accessories were added to a truly gorgeous Leona Edmiston dress and party shoes, along with a tonne of makeup, false eyelashes and some winged eyeliner.  I wore Leona Edmiston for a week in my #LeonaWeek challenge, and this dress was the piece de resistance!

Elizabeth Taylor, I presume?

The Welshman tossed around a few costume ideas – under consideration was reusing his fabulous Bollywood costume as a Slumdog Millionaire outfit, wearing a toga to go as John Belushi from Animal House, going as John Belushi from Blues Brothers (I’m sensing a theme here), but finally he plumped for looking suave in a classic tux.

We added a touch of  comedy glamour (glamedy?) with a truly fabulous burgundy velvet bow tie, clip on no less, and decided he could be the Richard Burton to my Elizabeth Taylor.  Knew that Welshman angle would come in handy.


We rocked up to the Rozcars, posed on the red carpet, schmoozed a little, met a few celebrities, had a few drinks and a general chit chat.  Lots of oohing and aahing, checking of false lashes and reapplying of fashion tape – you know the drill.


  • The Dictator took Bjork for a spin on the dancefloor
  • Jaws and Marilyn Monroe just love a dress up.  They have never met a costume party they didn’t like yet!
  • Richard Burton flanked by a pair of Gorgeous Girls dressed as Audreys
  • Beetlejuice had a guest starring role in the flash mob
  • Cleverest costume of the night was awarded by me to Brangelina. The real Angelina would love to have legs like that!

Then it was time for the big event.  Yup, that’s right.  The moment you’ve all been waiting for!  Drum roll please …

The performance of a life time – the movie-themed Rozcars Flash Mob!  Click on the link to view the dance performance that will have Broadway shaking in its boots.

An amazing effort by Bjork, aka our choregrapher.


A little photo booth love with the Welshman.  Even better looking than Richard Burton.

Does your school or work host costume parties? Do you love them? I loathe them but make an effort despite myself!

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