Smash the Fashion Rules : Horizontal Stripes

Let’s rock some horizontal stripes for a Smash the Fashion Rules road test.  We’ve had Fashion Rules that we should smash, where I debunked the myths and shared Try on this Trend tips. I road tested wearing socks with sandals and sequins for day.  Now, let’s smash another fashion rule.  Don’t wear horizontal stripes unless you’re a beanpole skinny minnie.

I am far from a beanpole at 165cm and skinny minnie is definitely not the first term that springs to mind when I’m asked to describe myself.  Far from it!  One of the oldest fashion rules is that you shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes unless you’re tiny, because they will make you appear wider.

Rubbish to that, I say.  I simply adore stripes and I’m not going to miss out wearing an absolute wardrobe classic because of some outdated rule.

I did employ a few tricks to make the best of this look, however.  Don’t fret – I’m happy to share!

How to Wear Horizontal Stripes when you’re not a skinny minnie

Smoothing underwear – I’m not talking industrial-strength supportwear.  Just sensible and comfortable knickers that create a smoothing effect. A moulded satin bra is my breast friend too.

Leggings – by selecting a pair of ponte leggings to wear underneath my striped sweater dress, I’m maximising the smoothing effect and minimising bulges.  Jeans could cause lumps and bumps – things we do not want!

Variegated stripes – the wider block sections at the top and bottom of the sweater dress create a visual illusion that I’m wearing a striped mini dress.  The stripes starting across my bust line visually reduce a larger bust, but conversely would draw flattering attention to a smaller bust.

However, the real magic trick of the stripes is the visual illusion they create.  The stripes draw attention to the in and out and create the illusion of an hourglass shape, making my square waist appear narrower, because the stripes on my hips and bust are wider.  Simple as, babes!

Contrasting colour – the red stripe at the bottom of the longer length sweater dress stops at a narrower part of my body than my hips, drawing the eye to that spot.

Long and Lean – by creating a base of dark ponte leggings and the dark sweater dress, I’m making myself look longer and leaner.  In order to continue this line, I could switch out my contrasting printed desert boots for dark boots, but I like to break the rules sometimes.  OK, nearly all of the time.  Plus they’re cute AND comfy!

Wide over Long – adding a contrasting light colour cropped jacket with wide lapels over my Long and Lean dark base employs one of my favourite magic tricks.  Wide over Long creates the visual illusion that I’m narrower than I am.  The gentle flaring shape of the back of the jacket is flattering for baby-got-back bottoms too.

Road Test Result

A winner!  Horizontal stripes actually made me appear thinner rather than wider.  Woohoo!  Sweater dress over leggings is another wardrobe favourite at Kimba Likes.  Just as comfy as trackpants and a tee, with the added benefit of being way more flattering and stylish.  Love that!

Keep Calm and Try on the Trend

Try on the Trend: 

Try wearing a striped sweater dress over ponte leggings.  Try a fitted Breton striped boat neck tee with skinny jeans and a cropped cardigan.  A striped empire line dress is another fab way to wear horizontal stripes.

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  • Leonie Macleod - 10 June 2013 - 4.51 pm

    Adding a vertical element, such as the long beads, is a great trick too. Love the new graphics!ReplyCancel

  • bbeingcool - 7 June 2013 - 9.17 am

    Very cute! Love the dress, the jacket and those boots are COOL!ReplyCancel

  • Fi @ My Mummy Daze - 5 June 2013 - 8.27 pm

    Looks good Kimba! I love your jacket too! Fi xxReplyCancel

  • Lisa Mckenzie - 5 June 2013 - 12.48 pm

    I love stripes of any sort ,I am fairly small but I really would care what size I am cause I love them so much,i love your sweater dress it looks fab on.ReplyCancel

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