Smash the Fashion Rules



Fashion is supposed to be fun, so what’s with all the rules?  There are so many outdated fashion rules that simply don’t apply any more.

I think we should smash those fashion rules – into teeny tiny pieces.  Let’s debunk a few of them, shall we?

Short women shouldn’t wear long dresses – Why on earth not?  If you’re seriously vertically challenged, you may need to have an alteration expert on speed dial, but a maxi dress worn with wedges is a great look, and a perfect way to hide your stilts wedges.  Shorter ladies need to be careful they’re not swamped with too much fabric so they don’t appear bigger than they are, but that applies to pretty much everything (and everyone!).

Try on this trend by wearing a maxi tube skirt with a fitted tank and denim jacket.

Blue and green should never been seen without a colour in between – Yup, all those gorgeous scenery photographs of blue sky and green grass look terrible, don’t they.  No way, Jose!  Blue and green together is a pretty and fresh combination, especially lovely in prints.

Try on this trend by pairing a green belt with a blue printed skirt, or carrying a bright blue bag with green pants.



You can’t wear gold and silver together – Of course you can!  Mixed metallics is a fabulous look. One of the easiest ways to break into this is to buy a stainless steel and gold watch.  Try wearing a gold ring on one hand and a silver ring on the other.  Add a gold charm bracelet to your sterling silver bangle, invite a beaded bracelet and you’ve got yourself a mixed metallic arm party.

Try on this trend by picking some of your favourite metallic jewellery pieces and wear them together. Easy as that.

Never wear black with blue – Or you’ll look like a bruise.  I call bollocks on not wearing black with blue.  I absolutely love it and it is one of my favourite looks.  Navy blue, cobalt blue and black together is an outfit of unexpected chicness. Personally, I’m not a fan of purple with black, but add a dash of navy blue, and it just pulls together beautifully.

Try on this trend by pairing a long line black cardigan with a navy scoop neck top.



Don’t wear patterns with patterns – Absolute rubbish.  I adore stripes with a pretty Liberty floral print.  Polka dots with stripes is one of my favourites.  It’s all about textures and fabric weight and finding what works for you.  The easiest way to get into this is to wear a patterned scarf with a striped tee and keep the rest of the outfit classic, like a navy cropped jacket and skinny chinos.

Try on this trend by teaming a printed top with pinstriped pants.

Horizontal stripes make you look bigger – Not necessarily.  Stripes can draw attention to the area they’re worn, but if you’ve got big boobs, wear your striped tee under a block coloured blazer to visually cut the stripes in half.  If you’re bottom heavy, wear a plain pencil skirt with a striped top.  I like a striped tube skirt with a floaty top.

Try on this trend with a striped tee under a jacket.



Save sequins, sparkles and satin for evening – Why on earth would you want to hide all that fun?  I agree that a full length satin beaded evening gown with tiara may be a tad OTT for the school run, but a diamante hairclip can add lots of sparkly fun to a simple tee, jeans and ballet flat combo.  Step it a notch by throwing a vintage sequinned jacket over the top of your jeans and tee and suddenly you’re a fashionista with insouciant style.

Try on this trend by wearing an OTT top with a simple cotton skirt for a  casual glam day trip – click here for details

Tall women shouldn’t wear heels – It’s true that tall women don’t necessarily need the extra height that heels afford us, but why shouldn’t they enjoy the leg lengthening, butt lifting feeling of a fab pair of heels?

Try on this trend by eschewing your usual flats in favour of your favourite glamour heels and walk tall.



Never wear more than one bold colour – So very, very wrong.  I love red and pink together.  But pink and black?  Unless it is absolute classic vintage Chanel, then yeucch.  No thank you.  We’ve already talked about blue and green.  Cobalt and purple.  Orange and navy.  Yellow and cobalt.  Pink and green.  Coral and bright blue.

Try on this trend by choosing two of your favourite items in bold colours and teaming them together. I’ve neutralised these very bright pants with a vintage navy trench and added a splash of colour with coral shoes.

Make sure your belt, shoes and bag match – Why on earth would you want to do this?  BORING!  Not everything needs to colour clash, and I do like a bit of coordination, but I’m not a fan of matchy matchy.  Keeping them in the same colour family, but different tones, is an easy way to break out of this one.

Try on this trend by teaming a classic tan tote and belt with Tiffany blue ballet flats.

There you go, a few fashion rules debunked.  Let’s try these rules on for size:

  • Let’s not be fashion dinosaurs
  • Rules are made to be broken
  • Style and fashion are not mutually exclusive
  • Just because you can get it on doesn’t mean it fits
  • Fashion is fun so enjoy it!



Keep an eye out for my follow up post on my (ever so slightly) tongue in cheek Fashion Rules Thou Shalt Obey.  A sneak peek – we’ve all heard that leggings are not pants, yeah?  A rule I happily break every time I do the Bay Run after the school dropoff in my Lorna Jane leggings.  The fashion rule that I keep seeing regularly flouted is tights are not leggings.  Talk about camel toe issues – it’s more like a camel hoof!

Stay tuned!

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  • Erin @Edotcee - 5 May 2014 - 11.16 pm

    Leading us into a fashion revolution KM, love it all. I see a fashion bible in the making!!ReplyCancel

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  • Sarah - Style Unearthed - 6 April 2013 - 8.46 pm

    I like your rules, Kimba 🙂 I love blue and green together – so fresh and clean.ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 10 April 2013 - 7.19 am

      Hey there Sarah. It is just one of the prettiest combinations without being too girly. Love it!ReplyCancel

  • Robomum - 5 April 2013 - 4.53 am

    This list gives me confidence… Mixing it up is fun!ReplyCancel

  • mumabulous - 4 April 2013 - 10.12 pm

    Gee – I’ve been an outlaw all this time without realizing it.ReplyCancel

  • Janet from Redland City Living - 4 April 2013 - 11.08 am

    Great post. For years I struggled with mixing silver and gold jewellery – as in, I wouldn’t. Talk about anal. I have white gold wedding rings so didn’t wear anything gold for years – even though I have a silver/gold watch! This Summer I bought some gold mules and wear them proudly with a gold necklace and my silvery wedding rings. Heck yeah!!!ReplyCancel

  • bbeingcool - 4 April 2013 - 10.01 am

    This is fab!! Esp after my emergency style call out on Tuesday!!!! Love it!! ReplyCancel

  • Rachel from Redcliffe Style - 4 April 2013 - 9.13 am

    Great list!! I completely agree.ReplyCancel

  • Nikki | Styling You - 4 April 2013 - 8.46 am

    Make your own rules I say … love this list!ReplyCancel

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