Sponsored Post : Why I love my Mox shoes

If you hang out with me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you will have seen me sharing my love for Mox shoes.  I’m seriously in love with them.  One may even say I’ve a slight addiction – I bought three pairs in Latte, Sherbet and Blueberry.

As part of the Kimba Likes Keeping It Real Policy, I always disclose when I’m talking about gifted product and / or sponsored post on social media or on Kimba Likes.  If I don’t like the product or company, then I won’t accept product or payment.  One of my guidelines about whether to work with a product is if I would buy it with my own money.  It’s as simple as that.

My adoration of my Mox shoes is the real deal.  I bought them with my own money, loved them and wanted to let everyone know.  Mox noticed and now I’m working with the company!  I received payment and a pair of Olive Mox flats.



Why do I love my Mox so much?  Let me count the ways!

  • Stylish – look how pretty they are, with their lacy basketweave pattern, ballet-inspired design and gorgeous colours.
  • Easy glamour – one of my most popular style tips to glam up an every day outfit is to switch something up.  Instead of a hoodie or basic cardigan, wear a cotton swing jacket or blazer, preferably with a pop of colour.  Mox are the shoe version of this tip – switch out your flip flops / thongs / jandals for a pretty and colourful pair of Mox instead.  You’ll instantly look more pulled together in one easy step.
  • Practical – they’re non slip and breathable
  • Hygienic – step in something unmentionable?  No problems.  They’re washable!  Just hose them down or stick them in the sink.
  • Non-sweaty – Mox are made of rubber so you’d think they’d be sweaty.  Nope, not a problem.  The pretty lace pattern is open and therefore breathable. No issues with slippy, slidey, stinky feet!
  • Travel – they are the perfect travel companions.  You can easily slip them on and off in the car or aeroplane.  They weigh almost nothing so you can pack more clothes.  Bonus!  The design means they’re pretty enough to be worn with a dress for dinner, after you’ve worn them with shorts for sightseeing during the morning, and to the beach in the afternoon.
  • Walkable – because of the built in heel support, they’re really comfortable.  They’re perfect for a day running errands, or a Sunday stroll with the family to get ice cream, or the school run.  I wish they were around when I was pushing a pram all those years ago.
  • Easy on, easy off – whenever I would have worn a pair of thongs / jandals / flip flops (we’re multiculturally sensitive here at Kimba Likes), I now wear a pair of Mox.  With the exception of a pedicure, obviously.  I can wear them to the beach and kick the sand out, to the pool with the added benefit of not slipping, walking to the bus stop in the rain, doing the weeding in the garden and it’s simple to hose the dirt off … the list goes on.
  • Showers and Camping – I don’t camp but I do holiday and I caught athlete’s foot when showering in an expensive hotel recently.  I know!  How rude!  I wish I’d had my Mox then.  On our last trip to the UK to visit family, there was an issue with the shower in our gorgeous Tudor farmhouse B&B and I had to shower in another room.  I took a nasty tumble down the stairs wearing jandals with wet feet – wouldn’t have happened with my beloved Mox!
  • Versatile – I wear them to the beach, to do gardening in, on an aeroplane, the school run, the groceries, running errands, out to lunch, doing a volunteer shift at the Red Cross and being on my feet for 4 hours …  You name it, I can wear a pair of Mox to do it!
  • Comfort – oh my gods, they are comfortable.  They are cut low around the side of the foot where shoes often rub, but high enough over the front of the foot so there isn’t an issue with koala toes – you know, where you have to grip with your toes to keep your shoes on?  It’s not a good look, nor is it remotely comfortable.  Not a problem with Mox.
  • Bowling – I am known for my love of retro cute accessories, but bowling shoes do not make the grade.  Retro?  Yes.  Cute?  No. I took Boyo bowling recently for a Mama-Boyo date day.  Imagine my delight when my Mox (and his Natives) were OK to wear bowling as they were closed in with non slip soles.  Major score!
  • Environmental Friendly – Mox are made from 100% manmade rubber and come in gorgeous string shopping bags.  Love that!

Mox don’t do mini me kids sizes but as they start at size 5, older primary school girls should be able to wear them.  Not that I’m going to put Boyo into a pair any time soon but, as an example, he is nearly 9 and wears size 4-5.



Mox are really well priced at $39.99 a pair and you can buy them online here.  If you’re between sizes, they recommend going up a size as Mox will mould to your feet.  This has certainly worked for me.  You can also buy Mox from your local markets – click here for future market events.  I bought two pairs for $75 at my local markets.  Just couldn’t decide which colour so Boyo insisted I bought them both.  I have raised him well.

I absolutely love my Mox and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone with feet.  Well, any girl with feet anyway!  If you’re after something that is pretty and stylish and practical and comfortable, not to mention versatile and a great travel companion, then you need to join my Mox fan club.  Tell them I said hi!


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