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Welcome to a little wander through the style and wardrobe of Katy from Katy Potaty in the next instalment of Kimba Likes Style Profiles.

Which celebrity’s wardrobe would you most like to raid?
Ooooh, this such a tricky question because I honestly feel like my wardrobe is chameleon-like. I can always find something to suit my mood in my current wardrobe, whether it’s floaty and fun, serious and smart, beach babe or sporty sister. The only gap I seem to have is cocktail/party/red-carpet dresses, but I don;’t have much call for them! With this in mind, I would love to raid Taylor Swift’s wardrobe as she certainly goes from dressed-down in cute jeans and a tee to Oscar-ready with so much class. Oh, and her collection of cowboy boots is obviously to die for!
Which character’s wardrobe would you most like to raid (TV, film, literary)?
You really are starting with the difficult questions, aren’t you Kimba! I think that most fictional female characters have killer wardrobes, but if money, my body shape and event-appropriateness weren’t a factor… I think that I’d quite like to get my hands on Zoe Hart (of Hart of Dixie) and her awesome collection of blazers, shorts and heels.


What is your favourite colour combination du jour?
Coral and anything. Obviously.  In Summer, coral, turquoise and white has been my thing for years and years, and in Winter (which we fortunately only endure for a few months here on the Sunshine Coast) coral and neutrals like tan, black and navy.
What one piece in your wardrobe instantly  makes you feel fabulous?
Easily my cowboy boots. They are as old as I am (literally), and I feel like a million bucks in them, whether I wear them with jeans and a tee down to the shops , or a floaty cotton dress and a denim vest headed to a country music gig.
What is your most loathed current style trend?
Apart from the ugliness of flatforms (hideous flat platform shoes), I cannot bring myself to even dip a toe in the water of grungy midriff tops. I am a healthy size 12-14, but even if I was a petite size 8, I would not be showing off my tummy unless I was rocking a bikini at the beach. It’s just too reminiscent of the 90’s for this girl who suffered through the look the first time around.
What is your favourite current style trend?
I am madly in love with maxidresses, and will be forever. I love all the latest Spring/Summer collections which are still heavy with floaty long fabulousness. Maxis are here to stay, folks. And printed pants are the business.


Which shop or label do you feel most sums up your style?
I honestly cannot answer this question with one brand, because in about four seconds I will have changed my mind!
I shop at Myer often for the variety of brands and styles, and casually I wear Country Road, Piper, Jag and Sussan a lot, they seem to cut their tanks, tees, shorts and jeans well for my figure. For day dresses, I can’t go past Verily – I basically live in Verily on weekends, especially when teamed with Bella Lido ballet flats! Sportswear is always Lorna Jane – can’t go past my staff discount!
If’I’m frocking up for an evening, I favour Witchery and Decjuba, as well as a great pair of skinny Mavi jeans. Living on the Sunshine Coast, I try to pull of resortwear a little, and beachwear for me is always Seafolly bathers with an iAllure kaftan, and a matching cocktail, of course!
Complete this sentence – “Style is …”
Style is completely individual and fluid. The days are long gone where you’d need to buy a complete outfit from one store, I absolutely love trying different styles and mixing it up. I also love seeing women who have the same items as me, but wear them differently!
Share your fashion mantra.
Be brave, and be comfortable.
Describe your style in one sentence.
(How many superlatives can I throw in one sentence, really?!) I love to feel amazing and confident, so my style is all about pulling the best part of me out for that day, and showing it off, often with stupid poses!
Where do you get your Style Inspiration from?
More often than not, from fellow bloggers and my friends. I would prefer that regular everyday women see me and think ‘She looks lovely’, than some hoity-toity fashionista be passing judgement on my (probably last-season) shoes. Women who look comfortable and bright in their clothes always make me smile.


Share your best “Champagne fashion on a Sparkling Wine budget” tip
Well, this is one I’ve shared with Kimba before, and it seems to have worked out well for her … open your mind to cheap chain stores.
I often get the most compliments about items I’ve purchased for under $20 from places like Katies and Rockmans. They are often right behind the high-end fashion brands and get similar styles instore within a week or so. If there’s a new trend which I’m curious about, but not sure I’m ready to take the plunge (case in point: trying printed pants for the first time), I buy from a cheaper chain and see if it works for me. If not, it’s not the end of the world budget-wise, if they do, I can shop around to find more which work for me!
What are your Holy Grail beauty products?
Not really a beauty product – but it’s my Holy Grail. – I swear swear swear by Le Tan Coconut Lotion 30+, because I love a tan, but I hate applying sunscreen. This has such a summery scent that I trick myself into thinking it’s a fragranced body lotion.
Apart from that sunscreen, the only other beauty product which is a non-negotiable for me is coloured nail polish. Whether it’s straight polish, Shellac or gel, I cannot stand having bare finger or toe nails. One of the biggest dramas (crazy, really) surrounding my wedding was my absolute insistence that I would have coral nails, whilst the more staid members of my family tried to talk me into french tips. I love to go bright, and more often than not, am sporting a neon pink or orange on my toes, and a pinky-coral on my fingernails. CND Shellac Tropix is my all-time favourite, and if money were no object, I’d get a fortnightly Shellac pedi and mani! As it is, I have an at-home gel polish kit, so I have been stocking up on Gelish’s range of brights lately!
On my face, I keep it simple and generally stick to foundation, bronzer, mattifying powder, mascara and coral lipstick, no matter where I’m going. I am currently loving Maybelline’s The Lifter Foundation, it gives my early-30s-but-looks-late-30s skin a great plumping look, and the 24hr Super Stay Powder lasts through a humid Coast day with minimal touchups. My favourite lipsticks at present are MAC Hibiscus (impossible to find, please send bulk supplies!) and Napoleon Perdis’ Niki. I’m not usually a fan of Napoleon, but this lippie was my wedding day colour, and for sentimental reasons, I love wearing it when I go out with my hubby!


Thank you so much, Katy.  Definitely thanking you for the Katies tip! x 





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