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The lovely Sonia, who you can find on Twitter and Instagram as @SoniaStyling, is letting us take a peek into her stylish wardrobe for Kimba Likes Style Profiles.

Which celebrity’s wardrobe would you most like to raid?

Olivia Palermo. She just always seems to get the balance of high end and high street fashion right. She also has a very classic look with a hint of edginess/trendiness. Plus she has fabulous hair!

Which character’s wardrobe would you most like to raid (TV, film, literary)?

Rachel Zoe! Reality TV counts, right?! If not, then the obvious choice would be Carrie Bradshaw. Oh to be that brave with fashion (not to mention all those shoes)!

What is your favourite colour combination du jour?

Leopard print with…just about anything! It adds an interesting element to an all black ensemble, can be print-clashed with stripes, dressed down with denim or dressed up with sparkles. It is seriously a neutral and not to mention a timeless print. Get into some leopard, ladies!



What one piece in your wardrobe instantly makes you feel fabulous?

The dress I wore to our engagement party. It is a floral Cue dress that everyone would no doubt remember being splashed all over every Westfield shopping centre in the spring of 2011. It has a beautiful 50s bombshell cut to it, the colours are gorgeous and it makes me feel so fabulous every time I wear it. Not to mention the wonderful memory attached to it!

What is your most loathed current style trend?

The 90s – sorry, but that decade only feels like a decade ago. Far too soon for girls to be getting around looking like they’ve just stepped out of a Nirvana film clip (or worse, an MC Hammer one) and claiming it’s “retro” or “vintage”…it’s not.

What is your favourite current style trend?

Not so much a trend, but the fact that there’s way more structure and tailoring in a lot of clothes at the moment. That kind of detail makes the clothing look well made and expensive and makes the woman look sophisticated and stylish.



Which shop or label do you feel most sums up your style?

One that I can afford: Country Road.

One that I wish I could afford: Balmain.

Complete this sentence – “Style is …”

Style is the best way to wear your personality.

Share your fashion mantra

Ooh I have a few! Don’t buy it unless you love it. If you really love it, buy more than one. Don’t buy into every trend, stay true to what works for you. Have fun with fashion!

Describe your style in one sentence.

Classic with a sprinkling of leopard print, hot pink, bows and sparkles!



Where do you get your Style Inspiration from?

Instagram and Pinterest. I am way more inspired by how other people put their outfits together than a model in a photoshoot. There’s also that element of interaction on Instagram – you can ask someone where they bought an item, what the sizing is like and if they would recommend it. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool and social media is taking that to a whole new level!

Share your best “Champagne fashion on a Sparkling Wine budget” tip

Buy the best you can afford for classic staple pieces and spend less on trend items. That way you’ve always got a good quality base you can change up inexpensively.

What are your Holy Grail beauty products?

I am very low key when it comes to beauty/makeup. These are the beauty products I use every day without fail… Natural skincare (Sukin and Y Natural), Eco Tan Winter Skin (moisturiser with a hint of natural based fake tan), Inglot Cream Foundation, Max Factor Masterpiece mascara, MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush (in ‘Springsheen’) and Maybelline Baby Lips (in ‘Pink Lolita’).

Thank you so much, Sonia.  I’m with you on the sparkly hot pink bows x 





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