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Tuna Pasta Bake | Cheaty McCheat Recipe

Remember back when you were in school doing Home Economics? I’ll bet one of the recipes you learnt to make was a roux – a fancypants term for white sauce.  From there, you almost certainly learnt to make a tuna pasta bake.  Or was it just me? Considering it was one of the recipes in myread more »

Kahlua Coffee Cake | Packet Mix and From Scratch Versions

The Welshman was born six weeks early, meaning his birthday is extremely inconveniently located in early January.  This year, I’m going to bake him a cake.  From scratch.  Like a proper housewife.   We were road tripping in rural North Island New Zealand for his  last birthday and theread more »

Cheaty McCheat Garlic Free Nachos

Hands up who loves Mexican food?  What if you love spicy garlic-laden food like Mexican but you’re allergic to garlic?  I’ve met about two other people in my entire life who are allergic to garlic, but perhaps you’re conscious of your breath or maybe you’re aread more »

More S’mores Please

  My blokefolk went camping recently – they do so love a good outdoor expedition. No showers, sitting around a campfire, boating, fishing, swimming, exploring … et al. They tend to leave me behind. I don’t really camp. I am camp, but I don’t camp. Hello, did Iread more »

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