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School Camp

    Boyo has embarked on a huge adventure – his second school camp!  We prepared, purchased, labelled, located and packed his gear over the weekend.  I’m sure the three books he packed will come in very handy! He started the day off with a special treat for breakfast – bacon and eggs.  As you...

Hooray for the return of the TV ratings season

  It has been a hot wet summer.  Actually, it’s frequently been a cold and wet summer too – what is with that?  February means that autumn, my favourite season, is only a few weeks away.  It also heralds the return of the TV ratings season.  At long last.

Where did I come from?

    Have you had “the talk” with your kids yet?  Are you dreading it?  It’s hard to find the right balance of detail, fact and vital not to giggle frantically when discussing it rationally with your child.  Here’s our story.

What I Wore : Melbourne Cup 2012

    Melbourne Cup 2012 and it was a work day for me.  A work day with a team barbecue for lunch and a big screen TV tuned to the Melbourne Cup coverage nonetheless.  I was not remotely trackside.  I didn’t even place a bet.  Actually, I didn’t even see the race.  But did I...

How to make a Classic Trifle

    You can’t beat a good old fashioned dessert, especially a classic old school granny special like the trifle!  Here’s my step to step guide on how to make a classic trifle.

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