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Why I love Instagram quotes

I’m not really one for motivational quotes.  Nor am I into self help books.  Don’t tell anyone, but unless they throw in the odd dick joke, I don’t actually really find motivational speakers very entertaining either. But I love the shit out of an Instagram quote.  I love them so much I’ve started creating my own to share....

Winter Luxe Style Challenge

I love winter style so much that I’m kicking off a Winter Luxe Style Challenge with Rachel from Redcliffe Style.  You’re cordially invited to join in the Winter Luxe Style Challenge fun!

The Kimba Likes Daily Treats Project

  If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed this image on my feed recently.  My daily routine involves stopping for a takeaway coffee on the school run.  Usually, I suck it down from the “adult sippy cup” lid, joining all the other giant babies inhaling their caffeine.  I walk home, checking my...

What I Wore | Colour on Colour

  Time for Wardrobe Wednesday with Kelly at Kiwi Womens Style.  What I Wore to celebrate the beautiful springtime weather was colour on colour and a bit more colour True to the shared ethos of both Kelly and Kimba, Wardrobe Wednesday is likely to feature several thrifted and opshopped bargain buys.  Come and join in the fun!  

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