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Damn You Auto Correct | Friday Frivolity

  One of the things I love about social media is when I follow a link and find myself on Damn You Auto Correct, a hilarious collection of text exchanges with an epic auto correct fail as the common theme.  

How to take mirror selfies

  Oh yes, we discuss all the Big Important Issues here at Kimba Likes.  If we are living in a social media world, then I am a social media girl!  It’s all about how to take mirror selfies.  Obviously a slow news day in our household.

CocoPPa App | How to pretty up your phone

    I hang out with my iDevices a lot.  I check them first thing in the morning, and read eBooks on them at night.  When I’m blogging, I often have my MacPro, iPad and iPhone all going at the same time.  I call it multi tasking but some may call it short attention span....

Kimba Likes iPad Apps

    Recently the girls from Shop Me Chic shared Sonia’s favourite iPhone apps, and I shared my favourite iPhone apps. Now Shop Me Chic have shared Melinda’s favourite iPad apps.  Naturally, I had to share my favourites too!

Kimba Likes iPhone Apps

    I know I don’t have to introduce you to the fabulous Shop Me Chic, edited by Melinda and Sonia.  They are top chicks who are very chic, and Shop Me Chic is a daily essential go to for smart girls! This week, Sonia introduced her favourite iPhone apps.  I thought this was such a good...

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