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Frocktober Day 12 | Verily Week

  Frocktober Day 12 was a beautiful sunny Sydney Saturday – the best kind!  Saturdays are family days and this was no exception.  Bike riding in the park, putt putt golf in the afternoon, a barbecue dinner and family movie.  Tops!

What I Wore | Collage Dress

  Time for Wardrobe Wednesday with Kelly at Kiwi Womens Style.  I’m sharing how I winterised a pretty summer dress with What I Wore | The Raisin Did It Collage Dress. True to the shared ethos of both Kelly and Kimba, Wardrobe Wednesday is likely to feature several thrifted and opshopped bargain buys.  Come and join in the fun!

What I Wore : Brown Sugar Printed Jacket

    I’m very honoured to be a Brown Sugar Brand Ambassador – an iconic Australian company that is suited perfectly to my lifestyle.  Today I’m sharing What I Wore, featuring this gorgeous printed jacket from Brown Sugar.

Frocktober : Day 23

    Frocktober Day 23 and I dressed for winter in a woollen Leona Edmiston frock.  I was so cold yesterday and couldn’t bear the thought of another freezing day in what is supposed to be spring (yes, I know it rains in springtime, but hail is not usual).  I want daffodils and gambolling lambs...

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