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Weekend Style | Taronga Zoo & Balmoral Beach

What a lovely weekend we had recently. All about the zoo, the beach, relaxing at home together and the Welshman whipping up delicious meals on the barbecue. We went to Taronga Zoo, courtesy of the Welshman’s company.  They have Taronga Zoo Gold Passes available for staff to borrow a couple of times a year.  What...

Frocktober Day 6 | Maxi Dress Week

Ah, daylight saving time.  How I love thee.  The good thing about having jetlag the week before the clocks spring forward an hour is that we’ve already put ourselves on DST.  Today, I woke around 6am instead of my usual 5am.  What a treat!  Frocktober Day 6 was a gorgeous family fun day Sunday.  A little...

What I Wore : Xmas Drinks with Friends

    This time of year sees the Welshman and me busy with parties and get togethers and functions – unfortunately not usually together.  On Saturday night, we had a fab night with friends – great food, great conversation, great quantities of alcohol … you know the drill.  

Kimba Likes Borne Naked Bagvember Day 30

    It’s the last day of Bagvember! I made it through with a different bag every day.  I learnt that I like bags with shoulder straps long enough to go over the arm and short enough to go over the arm.  I learnt that if I use my Borne Naked liner (either as storage...

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