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Currently Crushing On | Packing List for LA

I am not known for my ability to pack lightly. I am very good at advising others how to do so, but last minute panic always sets in and I start throwing in things that I might need. Like extra hats. One is probably a good idea. Three? Not so much. read more »read more »

Kimba Likes Styling | Travel in Style

One of the Gorgeous Girls recently called upon the services of Kimba Likes Styling to help her find an outfit so she could travel in style.  Flying from Australia to North America with three kids in tow, she said she wanted to arrive “not looking like a huge dag for a change”.read more »

how to do laundry on holiday

I’m one of those weird people who like laundry.  I really do.  I like the process of taking baskets of dirty, crumpled clothes and turning them into clean and fresh clothes.  There’s something quite soothingly therapeutic about it, don’t you think?  There’s the sorting, theread more »

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