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Taking Stock February


I’m jumping on the Taking Stock bandwagon, joining some gorgeous girls like Nikki from Styling You, Vanessa from Style and Shenanigans, Sonia from Sonia Styling, and the original inspiration, Pip from Meet Me At Mike’s.

It’s part of sharing the Kimba Likes take on the world – so expect a bit of Family, Fashion and Frivolity. As you do.

I couldn’t quite believe last month that it was already February when I was writing about my January.  Now it is March and my baby moves into double figures next month.  He’s going to be 10.  Ten Years Old!

Let’s check out what February was all about first.


Taking Stock | February

Making | lots of Indian food as Boyo has been studying Indian culture at school.  He’s a huge fan of chai latte and mango lassi.  Unfortunately, he’s also a huge fan of curry.  Since I’m the one who makes his dinner and I’m also the one who is allergic to onions and garlic, this is not totes a win win situation.


Taking Stock | Mango Salsa


Cooking | Anything that can be consumed with my new favourite dish, Mango Salsa.

Drinking | not very much at all, as I’ve been on hideous nausea-inducing antibiotics to get me over a root canal post-procedure infection.  We’ve been starting our mornings with tea for three.  PG Tips for the Welshman, Twinings Traditional Afternoon Tea for me and T2 Creamy Choc Chai for Boyo.


Taking Stock


Reading | blogs for inspiration, subtitles because I seem to be getting more deaf the older I get, my Kindle Paperwhite, Googled instructions on how to upgrade and install and update

Wanting | to push a button to turn my cycles off.  So unfair that I needed IVF because of irregular cycles and now that I’m 40 and well past the idea of having another baby, I’ve come off the pill to be greeted with six months of regular-as-clockwork-cycles.  It’s ironic in the Alanis sense.  Ie, not very.


Taking Stock


Looking | for opportunities as I’m determined to pay my own way to ProBlogger.

Playing | lots of air guitar as I relive the awesome experience that was the Eddie Vedder concert we attended for our 15th anniversary of dating.


Taking Stock


Deciding | what to wear based on my weather app.  Weirdest February weather ever.

Wishing | I could manage to do the Bay Walk without days of pain afterwards.


Taking Stock


Enjoying | the buzz and excitement of Boyo enjoying his new school year.

Waiting | to hear back about my red light camera fine.  No dice.  A word of warning.  If you enter the intersection when the light is green and then get stuck because of someone changing lanes and blocking a bus from going into the correct lane, then you have officially broken the law.  Goodbye $405 and three demerit points.

Liking | the free time that has resulted from Boyo returning from school.  I miss him … but it is quite nice!


Taking Stock


Wondering | how exactly my baby boy grew even more in the last month and is now wearing size 7 shoes.

Loving | the sense of community engendered by my social media addiction.  Thanks to each and every one of you for every Like, share, comment!  Yes this is exactly the same as last month.  Still loving the socialite media!

Pondering | the whole shebang that is life


Taking Stock


Considering | what my next move in life is going to be.

Watching | Far too much reality TV.  Those so called Real Housewives are so fake … and so addictive!

Hoping | my lovely little geriatric bunny Mr Bunsy is happy and not in too much pain.


Taking Stock


Marvelling | at how exactly I managed to raise such an awesome little dude.

Needing | my Lash Lift and Signature Brow Shape from the gorgeous Marli at HoneyTusk Eyebrow Studio.  Yes.  Still.  I had to cancel my much needed appointment due to root canal infection.


Taking Stock


Smelling | my delicious new perfume, Katy Perry Killer Queen Sheer, kindly provided for trial and review.  So fresh and fruity.

Wearing | lots of colour for Style and Shenanigans 7 Day Colour Challenge and my gorgeous Carrie skirt by Obsessive Creative Design.


Taking Stock


Following | Boyo on his scooter as we do the school run

Noticing | that my natural blonde hairline, which doesn’t hold hair colour, looks grey contrasted against my copper dye job.  Seriously?!


Taking Stock


Knowing | that M&Ms are not a positive food choice and eating them anyway.

Thinking | that sometimes thinking isn’t enough and I need to act on plans


Shop My Style


Feeling | a little bit overwhelmed sometimes and absolutely on top of things, all at the same time

Admiring | so many of my Gorgeous Girls as they return to university as mature age students

Sorting | through my affiliate partnerships to create my Shop My Style online store, bringing my favourite pieces that I feature in my Everyday Style photos.


Taking Stock

Buying | a few bits and pieces that I just couldn’t resist, mostly thrifted or on sale, but on the whole, I’ve been super duper good on the no shopping front.

Getting | the exciting news that my Grandma has now moved into her little cottage in the same retirement complex that my Granddad’s nursing home is located in.  They’re spending much more time together without my Grandma having to deal with buses and wonky Christchurch earthquake-affected streets.


Taking Stock | Sterling & Hyde


Bookmarking | lots of shopping bargains to share with Kimba Likes readers.  Yup, totes an enabler!

Disliking | rain.  I know the garden needs it but getting towels and sheets laundered and dry is a full time job in an open plan house without a dryer when it rains.

Opening | lots of file folders to store my mail and projects and Ta Da lists.


Taking Stock

April 2007


Giggling | at Boyo with his funny ways.  He just rolls his eyes and says “Mum, hashtag life with boys” if I call him out on something!


Taking Stock | Join in the fun!

Want to join in the fun? Go on, it really, truly is fun!  Just copy this list and create a list and blog post of your very own.  Hook me up in my comments as I’d love to see how your February was.



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