Currently Crushing On | Tea Party

This week’s lust list of lovely things I’m currently crushing on is inspired by my love of tea and a good old fashioned tea party!

I do love a snuggly yummy cup of hot chocolate, and I’m decidedly grumpy if I don’t get my daily cafe latte.  But there is something about tea that feels soothing and comforting in the way only tea can.

I’m still battling the aftermath of the ‘flu I had in early May.  It is more important than ever to keep up your fluids when you tend towards the dramatic with illness.  Yes, I’m a total drama queen.  Other people get colds.  I get bronchitis.  It’s all part and parcel of having an autoimmune disease.  Such fun!

I haven’t done terribly well with my New Year Resolutions, but I have maintained daily consumption of water.  Not just of the fizzy fermented kind otherwise known as Champagne either. But a girl does tire of cold water, especially when it is blowing a wintry gale outside.  Hello tea!

I like to top up my daily water target with some yummy herbal and fruit teas.  The steaming warmth and aromatic flavours are an added bonus.

When I am working from home, I find it easy to forget to stop to eat.  Or drink some water.  So I’ve instituted a little daily tea party.  I set a tray with a pot of tea, a vintage milk jug, a tea cup and saucer, vintage souvenir spoon (purely for the hipster factor, obvs) and pause to enjoy my very own tea party.

Currently Crushing On | Tea Party

Shop My Style | Tea Party

I have gathered together some girly gorgeousness with a tea theme.  Let’s get our Tea Party on!

  1. Mr Earl Tea Subscription $15 per month (discounts for 3 and 6 month subscriptions) | three samples of delicious tea varieties delivered every month
  2. Maxwell & Williams Infusionst Oslo Teapot from David Jones $12.95 | perfect for making looseleaf tea for just one – with enough for a top up
  3. Maxwell & Williams Kimono Cup & Saucer from David Jones $14.95 | oh so pretty and so reasonably priced
  4. Alice in Wonderland accessory clips by Sister in Style | Alice Clip $6 | Queen of Hearts Clips $10 | nothing says Tea Party like Alice in Wonderland
  5. Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Enchante Gabrielle Sugar & Creamer from David Jones $29.95 | how whimsically pretty!
  6. Maxwell & Williams William Kilburn Teapot from David Jones $49.95 | olde worlde charm
  7. Manatea Tea Infuser from Red Leaf Tea $9.95 | isn’t this just so fab?  I adore it!
  8. Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Enchante Gabrielle Side Plate from David Jones $9.95 | it isn’t a tea party without a pretty plateful of treats, after all
  9. Royal Albert Polka Rose Teacup Saucer Set from David Jones $59.95 on sale | tea just tastes even better when it is in English bone china, don’t you think?  Add pretty pastels, polka dots and vintage roses and I’m in girly teacup heaven.

Are you a tea fan?  What’s your favourite flavour combo?


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