Thankful Thursday : Feeling Better


It’s Thankful Thursday.

I’m linking up with Kate Says Stuff to share what I’m thankful for this Thursday.





I’m thankful for feeling better!  At last!

I’ve been ill since the end of April.  Yes, continuously, non stop from the end of April.  I had to cancel our tenth wedding anniversary dinner at Aria.  Still mourning that dinner.  I’ve had recurrent sinus infections,  an ear infection, a chest infection, bronchitis, even the common cold, which quickly led to another sinus infection, and have been experiencing asthma attacks, and even a mild panic attack or two.  I dips me lid to the people who deal with ongoing anxiety.  It is horrific.



I’ve been taking multiple doses of antibiotics, showering without the fan on to maximise steam intake, steaming my head over a bowl of boiling water, flooding my sinuses out with saline solution via a charming up the nose device and I’ve gone through a whole jar of Vicks.  I do not want to know how many trees I’ve killed from all the boxes of tissues I’ve snuffled and snorted into.

I’ve lost all my social graces.  When people ask how I am, I tell them.  It’s appalling!  I do apologise.

I’ve used three bottles of cough medicine – apparently the doctor prescribed the wrong one first, which actually made my cough worse.  Oh, fabulous.  I’m on a steroid puffer for the bronchitis – still waiting for the roid rage to kick in.  I’ve even had to take antihistamines to try and get a decent sleep. (Note to self – they work!)




I woke up yesterday and realised that I’d slept all night long, without my antihistamines.  I hadn’t coughed once and my chest wasn’t aching.  My nose wasn’t streaming copiously and I could breathe.

As the day went on, I realised that painkillers and a Ventolin puffer were still necessary.  I’m still killing trees by the day and putting on the Ritz patting on the Vicks, but I’m definitely on the mend.

Believe it or not, I am thankful.  Unbelievably thankful.  I’m finally returning to my  health.  I’ll be able to do other things in the weekend and my day off than rest and nap.  I’ll be able to return to my Pilates.  I’ll even be able to go to the dentist now that I can breathe through my nose.  Yes, this is something to be thankful for!




This Thursday, I’m thankful for my finally returning health.  I’m thankful for feeling better.  What are you thankful for?


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