Thankful Thursday : Festival of Kimba


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What are you thankful for this week?





Birthday lunch last year with the Gorgeous Girls at Efendy, Balmain


I love birthdays. Adore them!  I don’t necessarily love getting older, but I do love birthdays.  I love the sharing and caring, the cards and parcels arriving from overseas, the cake, and the fun times celebrating with the people you love.  Oh, and presents.  I do love presents!

My birthday is next Thursday, but the Festival of Kimba kicks off this weekend.  Oh yes it does!  On Friday night, the Welshman is coming home  early, and we’re heading into the city, with Boyo in tow, to stay in a lovely five star hotel overlooking Hyde Park, go out for dinner, watch a movie in our room, have a buffet breakfast and go wandering around the city on Saturday.



This plan evolved from Boyo mentioning that he’d really like a buffet breakfast, after the Welshman spent a night away this week with work.  The Welshman had an idea that it would be better value to get a room for the night with breakfast thrown in, rather than pay for the breakfast. He’s smart like that!

On Sunday the Welshman leaves for a business trip to Singapore, and is well supplied with the details of my duty free requests.  As you do!   Boyo and I will have a few days baching it together.  I can see lots of pasta and eggs on toast in our meal planning.



I’m off to work on Thursday, my actual birthday.  I’m having lunch with a friend, then the boys are taking me out for dinner.  Boyo has elected to take me to my favourite pub for a birthday special – beer battered fish and chips and cocktails.  He knows me so well!


Wattle Toffee Daiquiri, Three Weeds Hotel, Rozelle


The Welshman is taking Friday off to take me out for lunch to Matt Moran’s new restaurant, Chiswick, in Woolahra.  We attended a wedding there when it was in its previous incarnation as Pruniers, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it transformed.  It comes highly recommended and the reviews are excellent.  We used to eat at Matt Moran’s Salt when we were first dating, more than 12 years ago, so there’s a little synchronicity there.

But wait, there’s more!  On Saturday, Boyo has planned a surprise special day for me.  So far, I’ve managed to glean that there will be a sleep in, followed by breakfast in bed, and then some sort of fancy pants lunch at a chocolate cafe (but don’t tell anyone, because I’m not supposed to know – it’s a surprise!).

Last year, we went to Manly, where we stayed overnight, scooted up and down the promenade, watched rugby in the pub and ate Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for my birthday weekend.  Having a night in a hotel, and adding dinner and breakfast, for the three of us works out about the same as a posh night out with a babysitter and taxis.  Both are a very nice way to spend some money and time, but it is lovely to spend the family time together.


Manly man in Manly


This week, I’m thankful for being a very lucky girl and being spoilt rotten by the fabulous men in my life.  Do you celebrate a Festival for your birthday? Or do you prefer to get them over and done with as quickly as possible?


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