Thankful Thursday : I’m Awesome! Pay it Forward

Today’s Thankful Thursday blog hop with Kate Says Stuff is a little different this week.

Kate has been feeling a little flat lately – being a busy mother, organising an entire relocation, suffering from back pain and SAD will do that to even the sunniest and shiniest of girls.  And she is certainly one of those.

She’s come up with a fab idea to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and latch on to the affirmative!

She’s asked for Thankful Thursday players to post three reasons they are AWESOME, and then to tag three bloggers to remind them how AWESOME we think they are!

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  1. I am AWESOME because I’m a Silver Lining Girl.  Sometimes it takes me a while, but I am always, always looking for the positive in a situation and searching for that silver lining.  No matter how elusive it can sometimes prove to be!
  2. I am AWESOME because I care about people and enjoy helping people.  This might be helping a friend move, lending a party dress for an event or just waiting with their kids at school pickup whilst they’re stuck in traffic.  This is awesome because of you know, like, karma!
  3. I am AWESOME because I love to give compliments.  If I see something that makes me smile or something that I find particularly appealing, I will make a point of telling someone.  Even a complete stranger on the bus.  I once turned a corner and saw the most beautiful shiny red hair that was just glowing in its own little sunshine halo and had to tell her how lovely her hair looked.  She turned around and I realised she was about 11 months pregnant and her whole face lit up.  She told me she was waddling along, feeling like a host organism, and I’d made her day.  In that moment, I felt awesome!

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I’m tagging these three* AWESOME bloggers!

  1. Ingrid, who tweets and blogs at Glossy Beauty, because she is as beautiful inside as she is outside (and she is a stunner!).  She is very supportive and a  total Tweetheart.
  2. Nat, who tweets and blogs at Drivelogy.  The “science of talking shit” makes me laugh and laugh.  We have bonded over our love of Botox for the Butt skirts.  I love that she swears like a trooper and gets on with life like a trouper.   She gives great Twitter Wit too.
  3. Michaela, who tweets and blogs at Lather Rinse Repeat, because she not only has fantastic information and reviews, but she is freaking hilarious.  So many beauty bloggers take it veeeerry seriously.  I love her “frothy beauty blurb for frivolous folk” take on the whole kit and caboodle.


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*  Please note choosing three was exceedingly difficult! x

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F r e s h   P o s t s
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