Thankful Thursday : Mellow Yellow

Thankful Thursday

I’m joining Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday today. What are you thankful for?


Today I’m thankful for the feeling of spring in the air.  I’m thankful for the change of seasons that may bring an end to the vicious cycle of my incessant sinusitis.  I’m thankful for sunshine and flowers and my bunny hopping around on the lawn.  He’s thankful for dandelions, just quietly.  And he loves a photobomb!


I’m thankful for walking to school, I’m thankful for pretty frocks and I’m thankful for colour.  I’m waiting impatiently for the jacaranda to bloom and my Chinese star jasmine to flower and fill my garden with the scent of summer to come.

I’m manifesting this thankfulness with a burst of not so mellow yellow in my wardrobe!

I’ve been happily wearing these bright yellow jeans.  I’m thankful they were only $31 because I’m not sure they’re an investment piece.  They are fun though!




I’m thankful for my Mimcollective membership, who gave me a birthday shopping credit, and then another one for buying online for the first time.  I just couldn’t walk past this pretty yellow sparkly headband.



I’ve been eyeing up a gap in my wardrobe, made obvious by the huge spring clean I’ve recently undertaken.  This may not be obvious to many people, particularly the Welshman.  I think what my wardrobe needs is a statement jacket.  One that packs a punch but in a classic way.

I was having my usual daily cruise through Shop Me Chic, when I found this fabulous yellow jacket.  I put my Sussan VIP voucher to very good use and the loveliness of Number 3 is now mine!



Even my fridge cocktail shelf is getting into the swing of spring.  Margarita mix, with your lemon-lime goodness, come to mama!



The toys are even are getting into the mellow yellow action.  Two little yellow friends, Pikachu and Scraggy, are waiting patiently for their new friend to arrive via the auspices of eBay.  They’re watching out for the postman whilst we’re away for the day.



Last but not least, I’m very thankful for my lovely Gorgeous Girls, the best circle of friends a girl could ask for.  I can’t resist sharing this yellow photo of gorgeous wee Hugo.  He is a little darling and cheeky to boot.  Can’t you just see it in that grin!



I’m thankful for colour, spring, friends and margaritas this week!  That’ll do, Pig.  That’ll do.


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