Thankful Thursday : Xmas in July


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What are you thankful for this week?




It’s the last week of the school holidays in Sydney, and I’ve finished working for the week.  I’m not back in the office until Tuesday.  I’m loving the two long days, instead of four short days, I do in the holidays.  A change is as good as a holiday, so they say.


On Friday, we’re heading up to the Blue Mountains with our friends-who-are-like-family for our annual Xmas in July weekend away.  We have turkey, mulled wine, more food than strictly necessary, Xmas presents and decorations,  and I’m on a mission today to find Xmas crackers.  Last year, we tucked away a spare Xmas pudding for this event, but we, um, forgot (or maybe ate it!) this year.  I did find one Xmas pudding in David Jones food hall, but it was approximately the size of a large muffin and didn’t give much change from $50.  I wished it a very merry Xmas and left it there.

Last year, there were some dramas involving storms, power cuts, uprooted trees, and the weekend was in much doubt!  Instead of spending our first night in the Blue Mountains, we had fish and chips, Reuben sandwiches, proper pints of real ale and cocktails at our lovely local pub instead.



Before we even got to that point, our weekend was nearly cancelled when our house was double booked and instead of a four bedroom house in the Blue Mountains, we were offered a one bedroom apartment in Palm Cove.  In Queensland.  For the same date.  Where would we fit four adults and three children in a one bedroom apartment?  Would the turkey, Xmas pudding and crackers require their own seat on the plane? Hmmmm.

Finally, a house was procured for us.  Once upon a time it was the holiday retreat for the Bishop of Bendigo and was suitably grand on gorgeous grounds, and lavishly supplied with gas heating as well as beautiful roaring fireplaces.  The house was even decorated with an Xmas tree.



For this year’s event, we’re heading up to Wentworth Falls on Friday morning and returning on Monday afternoon, just in time for school to start on Tuesday and life to return to normal.  We’re planning lots of lounging in front of fireplaces, with lots of eating and drinking and being merry.  There will be trips to Scenic World and a trip to the apple orchard and hopefully the two mamas will get a wander around some pretty shops and boutiques.  There will definitely be a lolly shop trip – an essential as much for the adults as for the kids!



This Thursday, I’m thankful for friends who feel like family, time together and, let’s be honest, the joy of giving Xmas presents to our kids.  Definitely grateful for roast turkey with all the trimmings too, just quietly.



Before we get to Xmas though, I’ve got a special Mama-Boyo day today.  We love these days.  We don’t usually have anything really exciting planned – sometimes the lack of plans is exciting enough.  Today, we’re meeting up with the only mama and child we stay in touch with from Mother’s Group all those moons ago.  It’s not a school holiday without a chocolate cafe trip and we always have a catchup with these lovely people every school holidays.  We really must catch up more often!

We also found a free face painter at our local mall.  Didn’t she do an amazing job!  We also found Xmas crackers!  Hallelujah!  One craft job successfully avoided, and for that, we should all be thankful!

I’m terrifically thankful this Thursday – for special friends, Mama-Boyo time, Xmas in July and family time.


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