The Kimba Likes Daily Treats Project


Kimba Likes Daily Treats

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed this image on my feed recently.  My daily routine involves stopping for a takeaway coffee on the school run.  Usually, I suck it down from the “adult sippy cup” lid, joining all the other giant babies inhaling their caffeine.  I walk home, checking my phone, and topping up my caffeine reserve.

I taste the coffee but I don’t really take the time to sit down and enjoy the flavour, the aroma and the delicious warmth.  It’s more about getting it down so I can get on to the next thing on my Ta Da List.

I have resurrected scooting to school with Boyo.  It’s a more conscious effort to be more present as well as to increase my incidental exercise.  I can’t read emails whilst I’m zooming along on my scooter but I can have lots of fun chatting to Boyo as we zoom along together, instead of him scooting ahead and waiting for me at the corners.

Kimba Likes Daily Treats

As for the incidental exercise?  Scooting up hills, even if they are very slight inclines, is a good way to burn up a few extra calories.  Oh, and the ride home downhill?  A total adrenaline boost!


On this particular day, the sky was blue, the sun was shining and I was enjoying the opportunity of cooing at several adorable babies and puppies as I zoomed along on my scooter.

I stopped at my favourite cafe on the way home and after realising I couldn’t drink and scoot, I sat down to drink my coffee.  I savoured every mouthful.  I admired the contrast of the buildings against the sky.  I basked in the sunshine.  Hopefully like a cat and not like a lizard!

I realised that taking those few extra minutes out of my morning didn’t cost me anything in terms of time or productivity, but more than paid for themselves in terms of happiness, contentment and the luxuriousness of a little Me Time.

Of course, being addicted to socialite media as I am, I couldn’t resist sharing a little photo on Instagram.  As I was tagging the image, #kimbalikesdailytreats popped up in the list of options.  It was a sign from the Instagram gods, don’t you think?  Click to read some of the previous Kimba Likes Daily Treats projects.


The Kimba Likes Daily Treats Project | what is it all about

I’ve kicked off the Kimba Likes Daily Treats Project again.  All you have to do is just take a moment of your busy day to do something nice for yourself.  It might be as simple as finishing a cup of tea without having to reheat it twice in the microwave or as elaborate as a shopping spree or as frivolous as a professional spa pedicure.

The purpose of the Kimba Likes Daily Treats Project is to stop and breathe, celebrate a little special moment every day to remind yourself how special you are. Most of us are women with responsibilities and as women, we sometimes tend to put our needs and requirements at the bottom of the list.

It’s not about being selfish nor is it about being selfless.  It is about valuing yourself.

We can’t look after everyone else without looking after ourselves first.  Just a few moments each day that is all about YOU.


The Kimba Likes Daily Treats Project | how to play

Just snap a pic to share on socialite media

Tag @kimbalikes and #kimbalikesdailytreats

Check the hashtag #kimbalikesdailytreats to see how other people are looking after themselves



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