What do you love about winter?

Winter Luxe Style Challenge

Ah, Winter!  I love you so!  I love the snuggliness, the texture and maybe most of all, the clothes.  You get to wear so many more clothes in winter and for a girl who loves clothes as much as I do (and, just quietly, has as many clothes as I do!), this can only be a bonus.

Winter to me is all about comfort foods, like the Welshman’s famous pea & ham soup and his fabulous spicy lambshanks.  Roast dinners with lashings of roast potatoes and kumera, endless cups of piping hot tea and proper puddings.  Bracing walks in brisk conditions.  As children, we used to love visiting the beach in winter, beachcombing for treasures and enjoying the sensation of getting bowled along by the whistling wind.

Where I grew up in Christchurch, winter days could be fierce.  You didn’t start your day without carrying out the jug of hot water to help melt the ice from your windscreen.  However, the days you woke up to a proper frost were a bit magical.  There is something so special about walking on glittering frozen grass, as it crunches under  your feet.  One of the best things about a frosty morning was the knowledge of a beautiful clear and sunny day, once the frost had burnt off.  The gorgeousness of pale lemon sunshine on a freezing day has to be seen to be believed.

Winter invokes a feeling of security and warmth, as you enjoy the opportunity to snuggle up at home, eating your delicious comfort foods.  You get to enrobe yourself in luxurious and texturally rich fabrics like leather, wool, cashmere, velvet, silk and corduroy.  My sweater dress and cardigan collection gets a good workout as soon the temperature drops.

I’m a big fan of layering so I really look forward to the weather getting cool enough (I hear all you Northern Hempishere people sniggering from here, OK!) to layer outfits without sweating in a most unattractive fashion.  Layer upon layer upon layer – just like a Sara Lee danish!  Getting undressed for bed can sometimes feel a little bit like Pass the Parcel – oh, there’s another layer!

Another thing I adore about Winter is celebrating a mid Winter Xmas in July with very good friends in the Blue Mountains.  Last year was our inaugural celebration and it is now an annual tradition.  Proper open fires, central heating, roast turkey with all the trimmings, even an Xmas tree and presents!  Love it!

I’m being very charitable here and completely ignoring the lurgies that Winter, in her capriciousness, can bestow upon us.  I’m ignoring the rain and chilly winds in the tunnels of Sydney’s CBDs.  Completely disregarding the havoc Winter can play on our skin, hair and nails, not to mention poor tootsies that are always covered – probably just as well!  We’re talking about our love for Winter, and that would be just plain rude.

Winter, you gorgeous creature!  I heart you!

Do you love Winter too?  Let me know what your favourite thing about Winter is.  I’d love to hear!

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