Wordless Wednesday : Super Rugby at the SFS


Easter Sunday was Family Fun Day Sunday with a trip to the Sydney Football Stadium to see the Waratahs play Western Force.  Super 15 baby!  I love my Super Rugby.

The only way I can explain these shiny shiny gold deck shoes is PMS.  Yup.  Premenstrual shopping.  Lock up the credit cards!  I also wore rolled up jeans, an old school leather brass buckled belt and a Breton striped jumper with my deck shoes.  Very rah rah.  Dear gods, Mosman Matron Alert!  Luckily, I rocked some pink curls to counteract it.



You’ll be pleased to know that the Tahs won, much to the excitement of Boyo, who famously switched allegiance from my team, the Canterbury Crusaders, on our way to watch the Crusaders play the Waratahs last year, the little monkey.  $120 of gear later and he was fully kitted out.  A forlorn little voice at the end of the game, when the Crusaders had whipped their butts, said “Don’t worry, I still love you Tahs.  You tried your best.”




I thought maybe Steve Walsh, the Kiwi referee, was saying “oops” in this shot, but after a little Instagram chat with Jennie from Posie Shoots and Sharon from Meshh, (my favourite shop in Byron Bay), we’ve worked out what he was actually saying was “Dude!  Did you have to eat baked beans before the game?”.  More of a southern wind than a Western Force, maybe?  Just quietly, they both give great Instagram and you should totally follow them.

Have you taken your kids to the Super Rugby?  It’s a great way to spend an afternoon and much more family friendly than an evening game.  The nice bloke next to us reprimanded his mates for swearing and reminded them a little chap was in front of them, bless his little cotton socks.



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