Write Stuff : Magical Musical Memories


Welcome to this week’s Write Stuff.  I’m delighted to see you!  Last week, our topic was Favourite Day of the Week.

This week, the Welshman is my special guest contributor.  There was a bit of banter back and forth when I asked him for some Write Stuff topics.  His suggestions of “How to Please Your Husband” and “Things I do to make my Husband’s Life Easier” were not, shall we say, well received.

However, his suggestion of music that evokes a memory is a winner!  Well done, honey.




I have fabulous memories evoked by hundreds and thousands of pieces of music, but I had to narrow it down.

In our family,  many magical musical memories are evoked by the audio stylings of Crowded House.

On our first official date, the Welshman arrived to pick me up and I was wearing a dress.  A new dress, and it happened to be blue.  We often used to listen to Crowded House together, as our relationship developed.

Cue Crowded House and “Into Temptation”


You opened up your door

I couldn’t believe my luck

You in your new blue dress

Taking away my breath …


This song makes me remember those first heady days of romance, when I realised that it wasn’t just a friend thing.  Those fluttery feelings of anticipation.  The sweet sensations of a first kiss.  I still feel fluttery when I’m waiting to see him now, and we have just celebrated 10 years of marriage.

During the 2000 Olympics, Sydney was a fabulous place to live.  Public transport was free and ran smoothly.  People were nice to each other.  On the street.  Actual strangers.  It was awesome.

Another fabulous thing about the Olympics was Super Saturday.  Smack bang in the middle of the Olympics and featuring the swimming finals and Cathy Freeman’s epic 400m win.  We headed down to the Domain early to nab a great spot with our picnic rugs and chilly bins.  Some other dudes turned up early.  Namely Neil Finn and Paul Kelly, who did a  sound check in the early afternoon.  There were about 40 people standing in front of the stage, and Neil Finn was taking requests.  He played Dust from a Distant Sun at my request, along with a handful of other favourites.  Later that evening, he performed a duet with Paul Kelly on Four Seasons.


Four seasons in one day

Lying in the depths of our imagination

Worlds above and worlds below

The sun shines on the black clouds hanging over the domain

Even when you’re feeling warm

The temperature could drop away

Like four seasons in one day …


I only have to hear this song and I’m transported back to those magical days of Olympic madness, when the world felt like a nicer place.  I’m back on that purple Indian embroidered blanket which reacted to my sunscreen and dyed my legs purple.  I’m surrounded by friends, listening to music I love and watching magical moments like Cathy Freeman’s win.




The final Crowded House song that evokes a beautiful memory is Dust from a Distant Sun.  We printed some of the lyrics on our wedding invitations and danced the first time as a married couple to this beautiful song.


I don’t pretend to know what you want

But I offer love …



This song takes me right back to dancing with the love of my life.  We’ve danced to this song in our lounge room, in our dining room, in our kitchen, and that one magical dance under the convict-built wooden cupola at the Hyde Park Barracks, where we held each other in our arms, dancing for the first time as husband and wife.

These special songs have created magical memories for our family.  Do you have any songs that evoke magical memories for you?  I’d love to hear all about them!  You’re invited to link up your Write Stuff post via the linky.

T w i t t e r
F r e s h   P o s t s
I n s t a g r a m
P i n t e r e s t