Write Stuff : What do you collect?


Today’s Write Stuff’s topic is “What do you collect?

Are you a collector?  Is there one item you are drawn to and seem to find yourself buying over and over again? I’d love to hear your stories about what you collect.  You’re cordially invited to join me for this week’s “Write Stuff” blog hop.





I adore stripes.  I will find myself buying striped tops and dresses repeatedly.  I love red and black stripes (my Canterbury colours from home), chic black and white, classic navy and white, pink and chocolate (the Welshman’s college rugby colours), orange and blue, grey and ecru … you name it, if it’s striped, I probably have it!



I am drawn to 50s vintage raffia handbags, preferably with a framed clasp and a chain handle.  I love them!  Although I use them on occasion, they make beautiful wardrobe art too.  They are just so pretty yet very useful too.



Another thing I love to collect is vintage or vintage-inspired cocktail hats.  There is something about a little cocktail hat that just appeals to me.



Unfortunately, opportunities to wear them are few and far between, but you will always find me wearing a cocktail hat for Melbourne Cup Day and our annual Ladies High Tea event.



I was searching for a tiny vintage teacup last year for a costume party – I was going as a garden party – and found myself in op shops buying vintage saucers.  Teacups don’t seem to last the distance like saucers do, and there are loads of abandoned saucers in op shops.  They are a much prettier way to eat your morning toast or have a little snack during the day.




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